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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zero Cool, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I have a bad sore throat and since today was reviewing for midterms in school I had my dad come and pick me up to bring me to the doctor. Once I get in the car he starts saying how if I need to piss I have to take a drug test. I said no to the test because this would be my third one in four days and I haven't even left my house since the last one. My parents are convinced that I'm diluting my piss to make it come clean and I'm telling them that they need to trust me. They realize I won't take it so they try to get my phone. I try to send a message to my girl saying I gtg and I'm sorry for what's about to happen when my mom goes dyke on me and wrestles me for my phone. My dad gets in on it and it takes them a good deal of time to get it. Now they're convinced I have bud in my room and proceed to tear my room apart, only to find a six month old lghter and nothing else at all. Now they want me to clean my room up and I'm grounded for some reason with nothing at all. My mom tried taking my itouch (what I'm typing on right now so sorry for the one paragraph I can't hit enter). And I refused because she never takes it away. She then claims I have my facebook account (which I only made to talk to my girl on) revolving around weed. My status was once that I 'wasn't low' as a joke and I put it that I was getting my room torn apart foe burning. She turns it into a huge deal and I end up telling her to go fuck herself and punch a huge hole in a wall. Both of us couldve handled this better, I know, but I can't stand how they look at bud as evil when it's not bad at all outside of it's illegality.
  2. sorry dude.
  3. Well if you got nothing to hide then piss in the cup to prove them u got nothing to hide. And if ur an adult and don't like their rules then move out. My parents use to label me as the typical dumbass stoner but I proved them wrong by getting straight A's in college while keeping a job, I stopped talking back to them, started helping them around the house and started acting like a mature responsible young adult. Now they just bitch at me for smoking cigs but they don't even mention marijuana anymore.

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