What jobs do you all have ?

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  1. Hi,

    Im 16 and have to say I love smoking weed, but nows the time for me to end it all :(

    im from the UK and hoping to go in the Royal Marines in July, which means I have to get off the drugs for fitness and the drugs test ..

    Just wondering, what do you guys do for a living ?

    Also, Could you please tell me if any of you, or your mates have ever said one of the following :-

    "The weed knows"
    "Its all good"
    "Weed is the key"

    And how many of you think that the world is just one big set of rules, and we (the public) aren't meant to know most things so we are left in the dark ?

  2. They don't drug test where i work. I have the best job in the world!

    I work down at the river.

    Beating the piss outta the bull frogs to make the river rise!
  3. I'm sort of a jack of all trades, I know a little of this and that, but my full time day job is as a Traffic Coordinator. I basically handle all incoming freight (alot of outgoing too) for my company. We pull goods from all over the world, so my job is on a global scale. The traffic dept. ,which consists of me and my incompetent assistant, have an operating budget of 8.7 million dollars...not too bad for a "stupid stoner" eh?

    (my copmany is 5th largest of it's kind in North America...largest in Canada)

    And yes, everyone at my work knows I smoke, I make no secret of it...hell I was wearing a pot leaf shirt and hat when I was being interviewed for the position! I've been with the company as a shipper since 1996, and when the time came to replace someone in the office, they came to me FIRST(big promotion), so take that as a lesson, smoking pot doesn't mean you can't get the job done!

  4. I say 'its all good' and i use single quotes when i say it.
  5. im still in high school so the only good job i got that paid really good was a chef's helper at a catering restaurant. the best part is that the head chef smokes on the job and lets us do it to .
  6. I work doing Customer Service/Purchasing.
    And I used to use "it's all good" all the time.
    never heard the other phrases~
  7. I have no job and sit at home all day. I dont say any of the phrases but i know people that do. Last night I was hanging out and this girl said "wow" like every 2 minutes. It was kinda funny. =)

  8. I'm a personal trainer, but ita soo hard when you just wanna grub on everything; but you have to set a good example or some shit. I duno. Works fun tho-its some time away from mary-but when i get home at the end of a long day-she's always there.
  9. I say 'it's all good' every day of my life.

  10. I'm a manger at Target...I *try* not to show up stoned, but it doesn't always work out that way....Thankfully there's an invention called 'Visine' :)

    And yes, the world is full of rules, espcecially from your perspective as a 16 year old...but as you get older and experience more of the world you will find that most of the rules don't apply to you, as long as you don't let them...You can't let yourself be ruled, or else you become a sheep that simply follows along and does what they are told.

    But wait until you're out of the Marines before you start breaking rules...My time in the military taught me that when you're in those circumstaces, you need to follow orders or the countries' defense can go to shit.

    Good luck,
  11. " what it is"
    "It's all good"
    " there's always a need for weed"
  12. I have a pretty cool job. I fix computers in the office of a credit card collection agency. I can look at people's credit reports all day and even find what they bought and when they bought it.
  13. i drove a cab for a friend for about 2 weeks while he was on vacation in the bahamas and it was cool as shit because all i had to do was drive around and take people places and i smoked weed while i was doing it some of the people i took places asked if they could hit the blunt so i let them sometimes i forgot where i was going and that was some funny shit but other than that it was the coolest job i've ever had
  14. I work as an IT Manager/Network Administrator for a small company in IN.

    'right on' is my vice.
  15. I hide skeletons in closets for a large conglomerate.

    In other words, I go out and find where other employees screw stuff up and either fix it or hide it before the lawyers, accountants, or the government finds it and then levies large penalties on the company.

  16. LMAO right back at you Woody. Sorry to wreck your image of me but cowboy can testify that that's not what I look llike. About 6'4", losing weight (thanks to your friends who make caffiene pills) and down to 219. semi-curly afro headed, and all my tattoos are temporary ones I let my kids stick on me. i also have ten painted toe nails where I let my little girl practice with nail polish. As far as 2-packs go its Rolling Rock or Amstel Light, no Budweiser for me.

    All my college education is in geology and biology, which means I'm a degreed "stoner". LOL

    And as far as what I do...... I need to talk Bud Head into getting into the environmental clean-up business and let him hire me on as his VP of operations.
  17. I work as a Network Administrator/Webmaster/Hardware Tech/Hardware-Software Troubleshooter at a small business. I'm 18 and had this job for a year. My boss is a cool guy who used to smoke a lot of bud before he had a family, and I work with a good friend so it's a nice job. Five hundred bucks a week is decent pay for an 18 year old on top of that.
  18. i am a scheduling coordinator at an industrial gases company and my roomate who is also a dopehead is a software engeener and my roomates fiancee is an elementary school teacher...yeah, typical burnouts huh?!?!?
  19. I'm a professional bassist and a college student majoring in Computer Networking. In other words, I NEED A JOB!!!!
    J/K. I've been playing in a Carribean band for the last 4 years at a local casino and started college all over again this January. I love my gig because we make good money and the tourists love us. The option of smoking pot is also a plus. I like being high when I play. Makes for a better atmosphere. But for a 25 year old married guy, I'd rather have a little more stability, so I decided to go back to school to learn something I know absolutely nothing about: Computer Networking. Hopefully, one of our fellow computer-oriented Grasscity folks will read my post and could help me find a pot-friendly employer in the IT/Networking field.
  20. my first joint was when i was 11 yrs. old. i am now 23 and i have worked in sales for 6 yrs. i have been making more than 45,000 a year. if i had to take a drug test i would stop and clear my system, take the test and continue my smoking habit. i love pot, belive it or not, it keeps me going. i wish you the best, do what you have to do and when your done the pot will still be there. work hard, it will pay off in the end. your only 16, even if you mess up. you will still have chances to find something that tickles your fancy. just cause you have to take a test doesn't mean your done with pot forever just for the time being.

    been there done that.
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