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What I've been doin, in case you have nothing better to do right now.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. You should never take even the smallest thing for granted. Because once it's gone, ya' realize how important it was.

    That's right.

    I'm talking about windshield wipers.

    We've been feedin the horse's at our friends ranch all week. And Coach Ethel has been on the softball field almost every night this week to boot. Throw in that pass time I call work and it's been an active week!

    When we went to feed Tuesday night, it was BEEEEEUTIFUL! We'd had some storms come thru that afternoon, and it had tapered off into a light rain, everything was so green and alive, no breeze, just a light pattering on the leaves. We took our herb and just kicked back and watched the rain in the valley. It started gettin late so we were headin back in. It's about a 20 mile drive. I was stoned and we were just cruisin easy.

    About a mile into our trip home, my moisture removal system to enhance forward vision failed!

    They went down, never to rise again. Sounds like a case for winshield wiper Viagra don't it?

    Try driving in the rain looking thru the bottom of a pop bottle and you'll get the idea of what I was dealin with!

    We limped on home. Went to work Wednesday, it was a sumbitch. Too many highly educated dumbass' runnin around. Our game got canceled Wed. night so I figured I'd tear into the truck and see what was wrong. About 9:30 that night I had the hood off, part of the front cowling, and a piece of the firewall. I knew I was'nt going to be able to find the drive arm that had broke. So I waited around til' midnight when I knew the good welder dudes would be at my work. I went down and they brazed it back together. I also had to hang around and bullshit. I noticed it was getting on to 1:30 a.m. and I knew I was'nt going to be able to get up in the morning, so I called impromptu vacation and took Thursday and Friday off. YEEEEHAW!!!!!

    Got up Thursday a.m. and got the truck fixed! I can drive in the rain again! Next time it rains, say something nice to your windshield wipers!

    Last home game was Thursday night. So that afternoon I got pretty toasted and went down and drug the infield out smooth. Then I hooked up a piece of chainlink fence and started right on the pitchers circle and started spiraling out in ever wider circles. It was pretty cool looking when I got done. Then I mowed the outfield. Went and picked up the munchkins and we layed out the baselines and stuff. It was really lookin good when we got done. The other teams coaches even commented on how nice it looked! I did'nt tell them that the guy that did it was really high at the time and just havin fun!

    It paid off though. We kicked ass that night!!!! I'm really proud of my team! They're really startin to play together!
    We now stand at 11-4 with only 3 to go!

    So now I'm sittin here on a Friday morning wake and bake, typing all this trivial stuff, but you're still obviously reading it are'nt you?

    Got to go pick up some horse feed, maybe hop on the mower, but the really cool thing is that the offspring are leaving with grandma tonight after our game! Me and Patch are going out to stay at the ranch this weekend! Here's our schedule;






    Horse ridin.

    1 hour of nudity.


    Repeat as needed.

    An indian friend of mine once told me that if I was native american my name would be "Walking Eagle". When I asked him why, he said, "BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO FULL OF SHIT TO FLY!"

    Everyone have a good weekend.

    All together now........

  2. lol i bet you typed that high because im high now and i'm reading it and it made perfect sense lol
  3. Complete sense to me, too.

    However, I am concerned that you are splitting up the horse riding and 1 hour of nudity. I believe that you will find that those two things are more interesting when done together. You know, naked horse riding for 1 hour. Of course, I would make it at least 2 hours and invite Mary Jane for a threesome!!!
  4. I'm thinking of all kinds of reason to pass on the naked horseback riding.

    Plumbing comes to mind.

    As in my personal plumbing.

    I can't ride sidesaddle either.

    At least not on purpose.

    Have found myself doin it by accident a few times though!
  5. Ok...well, if you are worried about the plumbing then maybe you shouldn't participate in the naked horse riding event.
  6. 3rd shift welders....mmmmmm.... a little too spooky for me. Course your welders may be from a different tribe than our welders here.

    I hung out at work the other day with the construction crew while they were finishing concrete. Every time they tried to hand me a trowel, I told 'em that I was an operator and that didn't include concrtete work.

    Have a fun weekend. Me and the Mrs. are celebrating our #11 anniversary. Hopefully we can find a baysitter for the two little geniuses.

  7. ^5 Coach Ethel!!! :D PoooooooohBaaaaaaaaaaah!! :D
  8. i cannt let this go by without pointing out that I TOO once had windshield whiper problems, *(nothing a little ziptie couldnt take care of) after much deal with the dashboard and haveing the front end almost off.... it too had somthing to do with the arm that connects to the thingymagig. a welder mighta been handy ill keep that in mind for next time.
    * note to self the next time anyone asks if i need anyparts for my jeep , instead of being 'coy.. im going to say YES the thingymagig that hooks to the motor for the whiper arm. and while were at it baby how about a new mirror :).....instead i say,..."why am i missing any?" shoulda seen the look i got from that guy.
    aaah im so burnt out ya gotta love it.
    so smokinokie, i understand AND appreciate when a fine thing like windshield whipers work.
    i also appreciate starters and batteries.
    and nice walmart employees
  9. PoooooooooooooooohBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...Your post made perfect sense to must be the Vicodin the doctor gave me...and probably the fact that I'm smoking a big phattie right now [​IMG][​IMG].
    I have to agree with RMJL on the nude horseback riding...also, can understand the worry about your personal plumbing. But, hey...maybe Patch can pretend she's Lady Godiva for you! [​IMG]
    Have a great weekend you 2, and I'm happy you guys are back together working things out! [​IMG] [​IMG]

  10. You make me laugh my ass off!!!!!!
    Yes windshield wipers are of upmost importance. Of course you'll never miss them 'till you need them!!!

    I've also come to appreciate washers and dryers, toilet paper, and of course batteries-ALL of them!!!
  11. another thing that is good to have(especially if u live with 6 people) is a running toilet

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