what is your profession?

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  1. I was curious about what you all do for a living. If you're a student then what are you planning on becoming? In one year I will be going to medical college to become a doctor, just like both my parents and my brother.
  2. I want to start my own business.
  3. [quote name='"StonedProphet"']I want to start my own business.[/quote]

    Great plan, any ideas so far?
  4. What kind of doctor are they? Your mom and dad. And your brother?

    And what kind of doctor do you want to be?
  5. [quote name='"GGrass"']

    What kind of doctor are they? Your mom and dad. And your brother?

    And what kind of doctor do you want to be?[/quote]

    My dad is a psychiatrist and my mom is a non-practicing ob/gyn. I want to be a anesthesiologist
  6. Very cool to see some of our blades are on the path to success. Doctors and entrepreneurs!

    I am a lowly Sandwich Artist at Subway by day and a Cashier at WalMart by night.

    Although I'm gonna be going to school in the fall and become a male nurse LOL
    One of my friends from HS did it, and she's making 13 bucks an hour as a nurses aide(i think) and then when she becomes an RN, she'll be making nearly 35 bucks an hour.

    I've been considering becoming a traveling nurse because they can make double the normal compensation of an RN.

  7. I was going to be a male nurse also lol. I decided to go all the way and become a anesthesiologist. Right now I am studying biology pre-medical.
  8. High School Senior, soon to be College Freshman. Man, falling back down to the bottom of the chain again :smoke:
  9. Enchanting and jewel crafting

  10. Enchanting, huh? What's that like? :D
  11. Spartans! What is your profession? Ahhooo ahhooo ahhooo!
  12. i wanna be a profession on becoming a lottery winner
  13. Housewife and professional smoker :smoke:
  14. I plan on becoming a graphic designer, and possibly an art teacher after college.
    Piercing sounds fun, too.
  15. [quote name='"SmokinGirlTx"']Housewife and professional smoker :smoke:[/quote]

    A lot of girls twist their faces when I say I could be a housewife.. but, I mean... if I'm getting spoiled :D
  16. Sell pastrys, desserts, and cookies at a grocery store. Also known as bakery department.

    Started 3 weeks ago as bagger and got moved up bout a week ago. A lot better than bagging.
  17. I'll be an English teacher this time next year.
  18. plumber/hvac

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