What is your posting average?

Discussion in 'General' started by FurlongStreet, May 22, 2006.

  1. im talkin bout when you go to you profile and it shows you how many posts you make per day?

    mines 8.38 whats yours?
  2. idk why dont u look for me:)

    Total Posts: 3,648 (14.93 posts per day)
  3. (8.69 posts per day)
  4. 6.40 per day
  5. Total Posts: 1,725 (20.77 posts per day)
  6. hold on...

    Total Posts: 2,867 (4.98 posts per day)
  7. (5.25 posts per day)
  8. Total Posts: 1,855 (7.27 posts per day)
  9. 4.44 posts per day and fuck i missed post 420:eek: my bad guys
  10. hahahahahahah.... ahem... sorry.... but i only have .47 posts per day... i guess its cus i was a lurker for about a year befor i started posting... my real average is probably about 4-5 in the past few months
  11. Hold up...

    (2.32 posts per day)

    That aient right, Because i post alot more then that. Jus in the beggining i aient post much.
  12. IDK where to find my average?!?!?

    Never mind, OMG!!!!! I JUST NEED TO CUT BACK 0.02%:

    Total Posts: 2,096 (4.22 posts per day)
  13. Total Posts: 244 (6.28 posts per day)
  14. I was a spectator for a good year at least before I started posting, but I've almost caught up. Haha.

    Total Posts: 1,260 (4.09 posts per day)
  15. Let try to guess first, because mine usually stays consistant. Somewhere around 8.04?

    EDIT: Damn, 8.05. I was close :).
  16. i dunno like 3.48 im working on getting that up to like 4.20 :smoking:
  17. Total Posts: 2,085 (10.00 posts per day)
  18. Im still pissed i have 4.22 rather than 4.20 :(

    edit: SHIT!!! now its 4.25!!! I gotta lay off... but i cant!!!!! :gcrocks:

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