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what is your penis size when erect? ;)

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Dr.Weed, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. title sais it all. Ill start it off 7 inches exactly.
  2. Wow, I'm kinda interested. HAHAHA. :ey:
  3. me too, i wanna hear some sizes cmon people!
  4. 8" on a good day
  5. i dont think you can really have good days with the size of ur penis.
  6. a lil above 8"
    lol i don't remember the exact number, saw 8" and thought, well that sounds good enuff, lmao
    8.25 or 8.5 or 8.75 idk lol

    so does it curve? is it straight?

    pubes trimmed? natural? shaved?

    me? curved & trimmed

    this has potential to be epic...
    come on people don't be shy....

    ginormous, small, average
    its the motion in the ocean right? lol

    i done rambling :wave:
  7. I can guarantee you that most of the answers you get in this thread are probably lies.
  8. either this board is filled with porn stars or i have a small dick.

    mines just short of 6 1/2"
  9. lmao, mines curved downwards...and i only shave when i have a girlfriend. and i dont.

  10. not the size but its what you do with it, babay! :D
  11. sure you can, if you hella horney

    slightly more plumped, if you will, and a ever so slightly longer lol
  12. Wow you guys really have big penises, my boyfriend is 6 3/4"

  13. why would i lie? to get some virtual action? cmon man everyone here should be 18+ and mature.
  14. I'm not necessarily saying your lying. I'm just saying people tend to overexaggerate when talking over the internet..
  15. long doesn't automatically mean good

    take thickness into consideration, and how you use it, IMO

    and i'm sure good at some oral = points

    thoughts on this?
  16. I'm just a little shy of 7", but man do I have a chubby dick.

    Girls love the girth. ;)
  17. well, i dont.

  18. lmao just rips em in 2

  19. What kinda people exaggerate on the internet? That's stupid. Mine's 12'' btw :hello:

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