What is your mind?

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    Im hoping to get some personal input from others on the subject of the "mind"

    I could look the info up on the net and get a scientific perspective on it and possibly a equally believable counter argument but I have tried this before and it just leaves me informed but further unsure.

    Hopefully by hearing some other personal opinions I can find some common ground as we at least we may share a common interest eg weed, GC, the meaning of life, pics of your GF etc etc

    What is the mind? Where does it reside? How is it impacting on the way you interpret this question and your answer and what other aspects of self are influencing this process? Does our personality, emotions, beliefs, values etc reside in the mind or is the mind just a tool to express these human desires? Is the mind just the brain externalizing? Or is it the minds role to enable the expression of the soul? Does it have the ability to be independent of biological influences or our environments? Does the mind even exist? Am I just out of my mind for even caring? What things maybe detrimental or beneficial for the mind? Is it possible to have a collective states of mind ? Is the mind the one thing that makes humans truly unique from everything else? How much of the world today is a result of exploitation of our minds? Can the mind be trusted if it is a extension of self and humans are imperfect? As smokers should are we more susceptible to creating problems within our minds ? Are we at risk of living life in two minds? Are we thinking to much with our minds ? Are we forgetting something that may be more important that our minds aren't comprehending? Can parts of our minds be at odds with personality/ego, reality or even its or our existence? Does it have parts? When is the influence of the mind overridden and by what? Does creativity and imagination reside in the mind? Do we use our mind to look into our sense of self? Can we trust what we see?

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