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What is your flavor of icecream?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. I like Black Walnut and Vanilla.. Esp when I'm high!

    What does every one else like....
  2. Rocky Road all the way
  3. vanilla sweet cream with carmel ,chocolate syrup and pecans

    thats the most important part

    good job 420
  5. Chunky Monkey by Ben and Jerry's....its the best banna icecream w/ nuts and chocolate
  6. rum and rasin,yummmmmmmmmm
  7. I like rum and rasin myself..
  8. i can't choose just one... so here's the top 4 :D

    coffee (*YAY HEMPRESS*)
    spongebob squarepants (i kid you not)
    double fudge brownie chunk

    EDIT: the spongebobe icecream is vanilla, cookie dough, caramel, and little chocolate spongebob chunks. it's SOOOOO good :D
  9. lady godiva dark chocolate
  10. i looooove ice cream... to many flavors too

    i've been rockin out with some dreamery flavors latly.... blackberry crumble rocks... but basically what ever, im always down for some new and interesting cream
  11. My ice cream has to be chocolate, chocolate, or chocolate. Any kind of chocolate (except dark) but it has to be chocolate. I'd rather have a chunk of chocolate melting in my mouth rather than chowing down on ice cream, though. HEH! That sounds funny. ;)
  12. Aint nuthin out there that can beat Chocolate Chip chunk Cookie Dough icecream!
  13. i'm a simple man..all I need is vanilla..:)

  14. well us chocolate purists don't even consider it really chocolate unless it's dark ;)
  15. boysenberry swirl...

    eyes roll back in head...mmmm...
  16. Phish Food - by ben and jerry's mmmm chocolate fish and chocolate and more choclate.
  17. has to be butter pecan, rocks like no other. Cherry Garcia is another, and its not just because im a dead head, although i must say, the dead are where its at. Happy tokins
  18. MMMMM im eating carte d'or fruit and frush strawberry swirl and vanilla ice cream...i have nice munchies and 4 gingerbread men and milk

  19. "RoCky ROAD, HEH HEH!"

    haha, everytime i hear that, i think of the goonies!

    I forget the exact name my fav flavor, but its chocolate, with a name of something infront of it...doesnt have any nuts or caramel in it.. but it was the best flavor in the world.. mmmm.. i gotta go to the store and look for it again..

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