What is your first ever concert?

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  1. The first concert I've ever went to was a Slayer/Marilyn Manson concert at the Bell Centre in Montreal in August 2007. I brought like 4-5 joints but my high went away fast when Slayer started playing because I got into the pit. :smoke:

    I had a huge cottonmouth when Slayer finished playing. I smoked a joint when Manson started playing The Dope Show lol. My whole body was sore the next day. That was my first concert thanks to my bro!
  2. Magnetic North
    The Sleeping
    As Tall As Lions
    From Autumn To Ashes

    it was either that, or a Bayside acoustic show. Both were in the same week and this was like 05 or 06? I can't really remember
    it was a pretty cool show though for sure
  3. First concert?? I don't think I could remember if I tried. Lol. I've been going to the Bayfront Blues Festival every year with my dad since I was in diapers, so probably that.

    The first concert I wanted to go to, and did chores for weeks in exchange was Bob Dylan back in 99. It was great. I was 12, and remember feeling so cool because my dad let me go dance in the crowd without his constant hovering supervision.
  4. BFD 2004.
    Damageplan(original band)
    Drowning pool

    I was young and very high. Only time ive gotten to see DimebagRIP play.
  5. KISS and Aerosmith when i was 14
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    RUN DMC and the Beastie Boys opened....this was like 1987

    Crazy show. Rap shows are much different than any other
  7. Rush in '07 during the Snakes & Arrows Tour. Caught 'em again in '08 when they came through for the second run. They put on one hell of a show.
  8. Blink-182 in maryland at a free concert. Met the guitarist tom delonge while he has handing out beers before the show
  9. Iron Maiden and Yngwie during Maiden's Somewhere In Time tour. I think that was 85 or 86.
  10. Sound Tribe Secta Niiine
  11. Saw Blue Oyster Cult live at a concert at Northern Wisconsin State Fair in 2007, very kickass
  12. Corrosion of Conformity (headlined)
    Weed eater
    alabama thuderpussy

    back in 2004 lol, i was so young and it was so epic
  13. lynyrd skynyrd with the doobie bros in 2007

    but since then ive gone to a shitload of shows and a few festivals too...also worked security at a real popular outdoor venue in mass for a summer and saw a lot of shows there too

  14. No fucking way :eek:
    You saw Maiden at their best... I envy you.
  15. The rolling stones was my first ever concert went with my dad and it was quite an amazing show
  16. I have no idea, went to a lot of small punk and metal shows when I was younger, first 'real' band i saw was Tragically Hip.
  17. Dimmu Borgir back in 07 when they were still good and had barely released in sorte diaboli. Devildriver and kataklysm opened up for them. Great fucking show
  18. Foghat
    The Outlaws

    I also smoked weed for the first time that same day.
  19. 1995 Blue Oyster Cult
    Ribs burn off - Canton, Oh Football hall of fame festival
    I was younger, dad took me
    Seen my first set of flashed titties lol

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  20. im probably waayyy out here :smoking:
    not counting all the concerts i went to as a kid (with parents ect) the first real concert i went to was a Skrillex show, i was stoned of course, went hard to those tunes and loved every second of it!

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