What is your favorite type of blunt?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by jbergsie, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Over the course of my life i have tried many different types of blunts but nothing matches the white grape game so far
  2. When I smoke blunts, which is not often anymore, I'll go pick up some zig-zag blunt wraps. These things are dripping wet with flavor (mango, blueberry, apple, strawberry, melon, etc), most the time I'll go with their Strawberry when I'm looking for some sweet flavor or if I'm smoking mids (which is like never), but when I just want the taste of my weed, which is most the time, I'll just go with their regular blunt wrap which has hardly any taste.
  3. Garcia Vega bro, trust :smoke:
  4. ABSOLUTELY the Garcia Vega...fantastic
  5. white grape white owl.!
  6. All the blunt wraps round here don't really taste of anything when smoked.. Only if you eat them
  7. grape dutchies
    vanilla entourage
    and i fucks with blueberry swishers :) those things are dope
  8. palma dutchie rello or just a straight up palma dutchie. Nothing beats a dutch. Nothing.
  9. hell yeah the white grapes or the silvers are pretty good
  10. Strawberry whiteowl my favorite but the pineapple whiteowls were bomb to
  11. Blueberry swisher
  12. Strawberry white owl :)

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