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What is your favorite Strain from the Cannabis Club?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Johnny Chronic, May 25, 2006.

  1. Well I know that they are only a few MMJ patients on this site but I was wondering what are some of your favorite strains? I would have to go with the Purple Bubba Kush, Sour D x OG Kush, Willie Nelson, Grape Ape, honestly I could go on for a while so why dont some of you tell me what are your favorite's???
  2. I've smoked alot of meds from Devonshire and there shit isn't that dank, my favorite strain from Devonshire is just straight up OG Kuch, my favorite strain from Fairfax had to have been that eigth of Sour Diesel I bought it was extremely bomb.
  3. Granddaddy purple from a club in Hayward was the best normal priced indo. THat club also had some ridiculous stuff called jedi plasma goo (goo is an indo strain) that cost 100 a gram but get this like .1 of it got you high for like 5 hours. It changed colors when you lit it. Also White Widdow has to be the best sativa that shit is ridiculous there is a lot of it in northern cali.
  4. Romuline. Hell yes.
  5. is there a website that show's pictures and a little info on these strains? They sound really good.
  6. im still tryin all the med strains, but so far id say my favs. are
    1) super silver haze
    2) orange frost
  7. since when is white widow sativa?
  8. is studio city, and i dont remember the other ones but theyre on
  9. When i lived in cali for a short period of time there was lots of nice guys at the skatepark who bought from the clubs on a regular basis, my favorite had to be g13xbubbleberry, some guy said he knew the owners and he snagged it outa the "cancer/aids" only room, few tokes on the blunt had me on my ass for 3 hours.

  10. i just had

    -blue berry
    -kush wreck
    -purple erkle

    and now i know why i hear about the purp all the time
  11. my favorites are proally trainwreck and grandaddy purple. The gdp they got at lcp in hayward is proally my fav strain ive ever gotten from a medical club.

    have any of you ever gotten honey bud from lpc in hayward ? a gram of weed thats been dipped in hash oil, its expensive (40/gram) but one or two hits and your high as fuck.
  12. YEsss a fellow bay area toker. THat honeycomb shit is hella good but the other club in Hayward very limitedly has that Jedi Plasma Goo. It sells so fast but if you have the opportunity man it is even better than the honey stuff.
  13. my fav strain is the humbolt purple erkle :)
  14. good looking out on that jedi shit. I cant get into the other club cause my ocbc card is expired, apparently they dont let you in there with just your doctors referal. Right now lpc has gods gift in stock, if you plan on reupping anytime soon i would recommend you just go do it now and get some of that gods gift before its gone, its some A+++ herb.
  15. Wow man that is the sickest GDP i have ever seen!! Ive been looking for purple GDP with no luck. Which didpensary did you get that from?? :smoke:
  16. Dude you necroed a thread that's three years old - very bad form.

  17. Very bad form??? Damn your pathetic. You got no life then to randomly search thru forums looking for stupid comments to add. Go comment some other thread with your weak insults you ignorant douchebag.
  18. I'm guessing that you WANT to get banned, or you've already been banned and this is an alt... either way, you won't be around much longer.
  19. Blue Moonshine is my first favorite Indica! Soooo powerful!

    Purple Wreck= Trainwreck+Purple (something?)?? It's my 2nd favorite Indica.

    Trainwreck is an amazing Sativa but I really haven't smoked that many Sativas, Indica's and anything really purple are my favorite.

    Strawberry Cough has an amazing taste, but high really doesn't last long. :( It's a Sativa. (I think).

    Juicy Fruit is pretty good too. I think that's a Sativa ....I can't remember though.

    Kush, Purple Kush, O.G. Kush are all amazing, Anything Kush is my favorite strains!

    I can't wait till I get my medical card in December! :D :hello:
  20. depends on where i am/what im doing

    school/work.... bluberry
    relaxing/chillin out.... B.C. god bud
    party/friday night... hash plant


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