What is your favorite position?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by FullyBlown, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Speak up tell us your favorite position in bed,car,bathroom,pool, etc..​

    BUT I want to hear from both women and men.

    Don't hold out on us GC like the forum says," Sex, we all do it... Love, we all need it...and everybody talks about it. This is the place to discuss it all. "

    Mines a bit complicated to explain I'll think about how to explain and write it out later.
  2. The pecan mudslide.
  3. the double bandido:D
  4. I'd say either missionary or her ontop, for pure intimacy ;)

  5. Huh? What the hell is that?
  6. Bed: doggystyle will make me "spit up" the fastest but I do enjoy missionary for the intimacy.

    Car: Anyway I can get it in because if I'm having sex in the car, its probably because we couldn't wait to get home.

    Bathroom: This depends on the weight of the female. If its like some petite woman, I'll pick her up and drill it. If I'm tired or she's a little to big to lift in the shower/bathroom, I'll bend her over.

    Pool/Outdoor: I really don't like having sex in strange places (been caught by the cops and that's not fun) but i have had sex in an elevator. Emergency Stop FTW!

    Overall: I don't have a preference but I do like to recycle the classic positions every now and then.

  7. reverse cowgirl.

    its even better if your girl can twirk it, if ya know what i mean.
  8. Usually have a thing for fuking on the edge of counters,tables,and the bed. But with the new girl, Im really injoying missionary. She the first girl that Ive been able to just drill and not get off within 5 minutes in that position (I think its the connection between us. Made me wait almost 2 months). Also love hittin it from the back while shes laying on her stomach, mmm.
  9. Dogy style pull, my hair and smack my ass...... ....:hello::eek:
  10. oh, I know what you mean. God love hippity hop.

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