What is your favorite brand of Rum?

Discussion in 'General' started by Swa_Swa, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. If you don't like rum need not to reply :)
  2. captain morgan for sure
  3. yerp, I'm gonna say Captain, I drink that shit like a straight up pirate.

    EDIT - Captain is mainly what I drink when I drink liquor, I'm not the vodka type. Gimme my 40oz of 211 (Steel Reserve) and a blunt and I'm happy.
  4. Admiral Nelson outranks Captain Morgan
  5. Captain! Never tried nor heard of Admiral Nelson. Hmmm.
  6. Now, I'm not saying Captain is bad but you guys gotta get out there and try other stuff aside from that label shit you see on TV.

    My three favorite rums are:

    Mmm..... :rolleyes:

  7. Appleton is top shelf no doubt, but i would say that i drink a whole hell of a lot more 151 than any other rum.

    Caribu lou and burnt vanilla coke FTW
  8. same here,,, rum and cokes all i drink when im in the bar,,,, besides beer that is,,,, i drink a lot of beer in the bar,,,,
  9. Pussers is a good rum and so is the appleton. But I have to say the smoothest best rum I ever drank was Grand Havana and trust me I have drank ALOT of rum in my days. The Grand Havana didnt even hardly burn.
  10. Good to see someone who knows their booze ;)

    Appleton is some excellent shit, but like most other people, I usually drink Captain just cause its cheaper and easier to find in your small-town liquor stores.
  11. Pusser's, gotta be right.

    And on Tortola (which houses a Pusser's I believe) there's a hotel called Sebastian's and the sell the bombest rum. It's a nice dark rum with hints of plum and banana. Absolutely incredible.

    Rum is my FAVZ
  12. Id have to go with bacardi 8 year.
  13. captain and 151 for me.

    I got a little captain in me right now
  14. You and the Cap'n make it happen!
  15. Call me traditional but bacardi silver. Ive never been a fan of spiced rum, but if i have to have it, its gotta be the captain.
  16. I'm all for Captain Morgan's but if you're feeling up to paying a few extra bucks, grab a bottle of this:


    Great stuff, seriously.
  17. I got another question for all of you guys...what's your favorite mixed drink that contains rum...for me it's GOTTA be a Mojito. After a long, bitch week of work, a mojito and a bowl = HEAVEN
  18. 151 all the way.
  19. I can't believe only one person has mentioned mount gay. that stuff is great.

    Myers is hideous.

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