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What is your 'Drug Buying' ritual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 19, 2010.

  1. weed is scarce in this small hick anti weed town.

    1) ask friends
    2) give friend cash
    3) he brings product next day to school, or my house on weekend.
    4) we meet up at a break and he gives me bag.

    this kid usually gets me going rate deals or a mark up. but i cant complain, its usually dank. he managed to find me some of this lemon smelling shit. whatever it was, got me done like a bitch. one bowl and we were both tripping for four hours. tasted sweet. Nomnom om

  2. wtf? do you like....have sex with your dealers?

  3. The last two weren't family...
  4. It's a joke. It's not like I do crack.
  5. Go to my favorite medi shop
    show my license
    walk in by nug
    dip out:smoke:
  6. all the dealers in my immediate area are sketchy lazey fuckers who'll be 40 minutes late then try and rob you so i dont bother going to any of them anymore. Usually i take a 30minute bus journey then call up one of the 3-4 realiable guys i know in the area. Theres the weed guy who usualy has Thai stick, Peruvian, Jamaican, Columbian gold atleast 3 types of morrocan/afghan hash and usually some cheese skunk. This is the guy i get O's from. I just ring him up tell him what i want. He then rings me back 5minutes later asking waht i wanted because he forgot hahah :rolleyes: I walk down this quiet road, wait at one of the benches. He pulls up we chat abit about the weed he had last week then he drops me at my bus stop... cant be assed to do that with all my guys it would take aageees
  7. 1)call guy
    2)Shoot speed
    3)Kill 6 hookers
    4)Ride a wheelie on my moterbike up to the dealers house and bust through the front door playing a guitar solo.
    5)Say hey and buy weed
    6)Get high

  8. This is turning into my "Masturbations ritual thread." lol
  9. 1. Climb upon my faithful steed,
    2. Then we gonna ride,
    3. gonna smoke some weed.
    4. Climb upon my big-ass steed,
    5. And ride, ride, ride.
  10. 1. *ring* *ring* *ring* yo
    2. watup dude, need some?
    3. yea
    4. by weight or by bag
    5. *give my answer*
    6. Either i go to his house or he comes to me and i get in his car
    7. he either pulls out several dubs and asks me which i want or if i ask for weight he pulls out the scale and weighs however much i want out for me

    This is just my favorite dealer. He always wants to throw bud in a blunt, and also when he weighs out the bud he makes sure a quarter is 9 grams because he says *wouldnt want to stife you, the bag weighs something..."
  11. Leave apartment. Walk down the block.
    Street deals FTW. homies are always out.
    1gram for 20-different batches every so days.
  12. leave my house, get in my car, start calling dealers and driving
  13. Everyday huh? Sounds dangerous. Wouldn't be surprised if one day you just stoped posting here on GC altogether lol.

  14. Lol...just because they're street dealers doesn't mean you can't know and trust them. When I was living in Monterey, I used to go out and look for someone whenever I needed a sack.
  15. 1. Text/call dealer
    2. Dealer tells me the price of the ounce
    3. I go over to the dealer's house
    4. Buy, then smoke some bud
    5. Leave and go about my business
  16. 1. call dealer, try to understand what the fuck he is saying on the phone, have no idea but make sure its good to go to his house then just say "alright, peace" when hes done talking

    2. drive to traphouse

    3. rap music is blaring as usual, have to knock on the door for 5 minutes before someone hears.

    4. go inside , be "that one white guy" inside the traphouse, try not to be intimidated by the 5 gang members inside staring at me

    5. talk to my dealer, listen to his new rap song, tell him its hot

    6. possibly smoke a blunt if hes really high and generous,
    listen to someone talk about something funny for a sec

    7. dap up dealer, tell everyone bye and leave the traphouse

    8. examine weed in car, turn up music in car and drive away happily
  17. Call my dealer..."hello"
    "yo dude, you good?"
    "yea, what you need"
    i answer depending on the money I have
    "ok, meet me at harris teeter parking lot"
    "ok, peace"
    That's if I'm usually goes like this...
    Call answer
    Call other dealer...dry
    Call person I've met only twice...nah he doesn't sell
    Call half the people in my phone to ask if they know where I can get some....nah, sometimes yea but it's toooooo sketchy of a person. call, call, call, call, call...cry and go to sleep :(
  18. brother walks in from work, " got smoke? " goes to his room brings back weed , give him money :D
  19. call up my dealer, and well a lot of things can happen from there, last time I ordered a drop off he employed me to buy some beer for him and his pals, so we get baked I take just one hit, and grab some water and we start walking outside when it fucking blasts me, I'm like, 'woah dude, woah, woah woah!" because I realized we were walking to his truck, and we hopped in turned down street and made a loop towards Safeway and it was chill, he was like, "yeah I think I'm starting to remember" and then we scared the fuck out of this girl walking across the street while he was getting some stuff out of his pockets or something, and then some dude pulled out right in front of him and he was like. "did you see that dude" I was like, "totally" because I told him to make a wrong turn before I'm not a driver I don't even think about those things, then we parked underground and headed in seperate directions for dramatic effect, well, I realized I was on a time trial and I ran out around the sidewalk towards the inside and then when I got in there I headed straight for the beers, choosing purely based on personal appeal, well, I got to a choice of O'doyles and one was called Fat Tire and I thought (I heard of that before but I'm not gonna get that one) and with about 35 dollars, 20 he gave me I headed to the cash register and waited in line behind this tall kid who was like gaping at me like (dude we should be friends, I'm sorry I don't even know what to say) but I was chill, I had my hoodie up and I was looking around like everybody could tell I was really high, and then I grabbed an Herbs magazine off of a shelf. When the line advanced I started counting my money in an act I like to call I don't give a fuck, where I was mimmicking the actions of buyers on their daily trip through a super market looking like an idiot, and then I grabbed a Payday bar and threw it on the conveyer and then I made a strong personal connection with the lady at the check stand where I read her thoughts (fuck all of these people) and then we both started looking behind me like we were being sucked into a vacuum. Then I got on an elevator with this nice looking mom character who probably didn't even know I had beers, but I reminded her of the problems she was having with her kids any way while looking congenial, and then when I got into the underground garage my dealer came out right behind me and he was like, "hahaha" and I was like, "right behind me!" and then we put the shit in the back of the car and he checked it and was like, "oh dude, you know those O'doyles are non-alcoholic" and I was like, "oh gosh I should have figured that out" but we drove back to drop me off and I got in a big fiasco where I wanted to keep two beers and I totally forgot my Herbs magazine and Payday bar, and I left him with thre extra dollars to fuck off.
  20. i have 3-4 dealers but only one that delivers


    call my dealer
    "wat up"
    "need a dime.can you deiver?"
    "yeah ill be there in 10 min"
    walk to the front of my house
    he arrives
    window exchange
    and blaze it up

    call my dealer
    "wat up"
    "need a dime can you deliver?"
    "i dont sell no more"
    "im trying to be good so im done dealing"
    "kay watever"
    cry myself to sleep (lol not really)

    i need to get a new guy that delivers fuck!

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