What is your 'Drug Buying' ritual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 19, 2010.

  1. So how do you usually buy your weed, etc?
    Is there a sequence of events that usually happens?

    For me;

    1. I call my dealer on my cell phone, ask for what I need.
    2. He arrives to my house around the corner as I don't want family members seeing.
    3. He calls me to let me know he's outside.
    4. I slap on my sandals and take money and run (always run, don't know why) to him.
    5. I have a 3-5 minute chat about life with him.
    6. He shows me anything new he has.
    7. We swap and I leave.

    Thought I'd give this thread a try, help me out ;)
  2. 1) i call my guy and tell him how much i need
    2) he tells me how many orders he has to fill before me, and how long ittl take (usually 10-30 mins)
    3) he calls me back and asks me my location
    4) he picks a secluded spot near where i am
    5) i sit at the spot (go around the block if he doesnt get there within a min or 2, so as not to look sketchy)
    6) handoff through car windows, and were both out.

    its pretty sketchy, but he hooks up fat bags of dank and hes mad reliable, so i cant complain :smoke:
  3. 1) Call my brother
    2) Go to where my brother is or invite him over for a beer and a bowl
    3) smoke

  4. lol i'd never want to do that high. perfect time to see him i guess
  5. Call someone and ask where to meet, drive there and buy weed and leave.
  6. haha yeah its not easy when ur mad blazed. and he doesnt put up with shit cuz hes been hot before. anyone who cant do it right, loses the right to buy from him.
  7. ask if he wants to chill, he says yes i head over there, smoke a couple bowls talk about like 15-25 minutes later im chillin at home nice new sack... in fact will be happening like that around sunset tonight....
  8. Called my dealer/friend today. Headed over to his house with a couple blunt wraps. Asked him for a dime and he hands me 2 grams of dank. I roll it into one big blunt. We toke, watch some TV, and I peaced.
  9. Dealer Number 1: My cousin matty

    -Matt, where you at?

    -On my way home from work. Whats up?

    -Ight, you smokin? Be in my garage.

    -K, gimme 20 min

    -Yeah right. I'll see you in an hour lagger.


    Dealer number 2: Other cousin frank

    -Yo bitch, smoke me out.


    -You're a pussy

    He'll usually come and smoke me out a bit or ill buy off him.

    Dealer Number 3: Chicle



    -I'll be by for a dub, garage?





    Dealer 4: Lava.

    -What up. You at home?

    -Nah im over blah blah blah, wont be ready for 20 min.

    -Mann. Alright, ill be over.

    -Fo sho.

    Either he'll be ready. Or he'll by hurrying me to get over there cause hes leaving. Or he'll simply just be gone. He's lucky he's got good herb.
  10. Deals are such ridiculous bullshit that I'm about ready to research medical marijuana extensively. People put others in the worst positions in life and I'm sick of being the stoner who buys weed.

    1. I save up some cash allowance
    2. Call my dealer
    3. Within 24 hours I will have a lot of danks

    Last time I had her get the scale out, she was being generous so that's nice. I'm in all honesty just sick and tired of buying.
  11. Don't get where your real hate for buying lies...
  12. Walk in my favorite Co-Op
    Show my papers and Drivers Lisence
    Go through two large doors
    Look through the jars
    Say my thank you (possibly leave a tip) and leave:wave:
  13. 1. Call my dealer and tell him how much I need
    2. He calls me when he's outside
    3. If it's just him, i get in the car, we drive around the block, make the exchange, and i'm out. If he's with people, i'll usually just go in the car for like 20 seconds or do a window exchange. kinda sketchy but it's usually mad late anyway

  14. So no real dealers? just family? lol
  15. heres mine, get in car, drive to dispensary, be disappointed in how little "bud tenders" actually know about weed, buy the dankest shit, and leave

  16. How do you know its the dankest shit if they know nothing about weed?
  17. 1). Call him up
    2). Make a meeting place
    3). Meet at said meeting place
    4). Give him money
    5). He gives me weed
    6). Smoke :D:smoke:

  18. You don't get it? I do, I've almost had a batch of plants start flowering before they were brutally murdered.

    Also it might have something to do with getting high. Just throwing that out there.
  19. im like 'yo'. and he goes 'hey hey'..

    and thats about it.
  20. I go to his door, hop on each leg 4 times, spin 6 times, *pretend to honk a car horn and say "AHHHHHHWOOOOOOOOGAH!!! AHHHHWOOOGAH!!! honk honnnnnk." ...and then I knock.


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