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What is your 'Drug Buying' ritual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 19, 2010.

  1. I feel like such a creeper already having heard of these guys from the highary :eek:
  2. drive to chicago
    smoke on the Eway
    arrive, smoke at dudes house
    smoke on the Eway home
  3. Text my dude
    he lets me know the price & location
    meet him somewhere away from my house
    swap medicine for money:cool:
  4. 1. Text/Call Dealer
    2. Walk to 7-11 5 minutes from me
    3. He pulls up in his truck, I hand him money he hands me bud
    4. Almost no small talk, hand shake and were done.

  5. Ive had those 'No Talk' dealers...they are the creepiest...You gotta be friends with them man! :eek:
  6. Me: Yo
    Dealer: Yo

    then he rolls up w/ a fat sack o' grass
  7. 1. Call dealer
    2. Arrange time and place to meet
    3. I get there first (he's usually late by a few min)
    4. He call me when he arrives
    5. I go to his car
    6. Exchange
    7. Blaze!
  8. HAHAHA.. This is will be really interesting:
    Day 1:
    - Call Dealer A
    - Dealer A doesn't answer
    - Call Guy B
    - Ask him if he can hook me up with anyone around my area
    - Guy B flops like usual
    - Call Dealer C
    - No answer

    Day 2:
    - Repeat Day 1
  9. Schwag Dealer:
    1.Text dealer how much I want.
    2.Arrange time and place of deal (Bowling Alley)
    3.Go to bowling alley, meat dealer in their car
    4.Proceed to get blazed.
    Dank Dealer #1:
    1.Get picked up from them in their car.
    2.Drive to their house
    3.Get fat sack, smoke out of their bong
    4. Blazed..
    Dank Dealer #2:
    1. Tell him I want dank.
    2. Go to his van at arranged place and time.
    3. Weigh it out, grab it and goo.
  10. LOL is right... like Half Baked...
    "Hey, black ass! Why you didn't moon us earlier, eh?"
  11. 1. Call dealer
    2. Meet dealer
    3. Exchange the goods
    4. ??????
    5. Profit
  12. well this is the main reason why when i reup i buy ethier a quap or halfy then i wont worry for a week or two maybe. but when i go see the kushman talkin 60 doller 8ths i gotta go to the city and chill in his crackhouse for twenty min in the hood in cinci
  13. 1. Call dealer

    -"Hey what's up, you at your place?"

    -"Yeah, come through" or "No, I'm not but let me see if someone else is and I'll get back to you"

    -"Aight sounds good. Thanks man"

    2. Put on shoes, walk a minute to their apartment complex.
    3. Purchase, chat for a few minutes

    Pretty simple
  14. call dealer and order what i want,i always meet my dealers at the top of my street,go up to the car exchange cash for bud and go back inside lol i like never have small talk with my dealers or anything its weird
  15. Call, wait, done!
  16. Walk over to dealer
    "Aye can I get a dub"
  17. dealer 1

    call or txt tell him how much i want.
    walk down to his place pack his bong jus chill smoke den smoke a cig den im out.

    dealer 2

    call him up
    he answers "yeah im not home though ill call you when"
    he calls n picks me up i go 2 his place n he packs a bowl n shit.

  18. Keep your head up man, everyone finds their soul mate eventually.
  19. Heres the usual routine...

    call my guy
    ask if he's got any green
    if he does, tell him how much i want (could you hook me up with an eighth?)
    drive to his house
    get the bud
    smoooke (smoking all the time over there)
    get blazed and listen to some awesome music
    smoke some more
    leave with most of my bud intact (3.5g's, he hooks me up fat w/ 3.9 eigths :cool:)
  20. 1. Pray for no STD's.....

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