What is your dream bong?

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  1. If you had a billion dollar to spend on one bong and bobbler or whatever.
    what bong will you get?.i have too many >_>
  2. I really want a triple glycerin coiled Illadelph, just to say i have one :D. Or just get a 10 foot gong straight tube i can hit off my roof hahaha.
  3. This: [​IMG]

    two thirteen tree percs.
  4. That is definitely one of the coolest bongs I've ever seen.

    Bongs are my favorite pieces, but I would KILL to own this sherlock: Illadelph Glass Official Website:
  5. This right here.its lights up during a bong rip.

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  7. The One That FatC0bra picked is bad ass.
  8. Agreed, weednotcrack.
    Honestly i dont think i could spend a billion dollars on glass. A few thousand should do it right for a Toro, Sg, or a custom of either. Im not going to spend an hour looking for a picture of the PERFECT:rolleyes: tube just for you guys to drool over.
    But im sure this thread will be full of win(or one can only hope so).

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