What Is Your Best High Ideas?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Schlotzsky, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Just thought of one last night! If weed supposedly brings out your underlying feelings and feelings you feel subconsciously than I guess we're all always super hungry?!??!
  2. nope marijuana blocks a natural appetite suppressant i believe its called leptin or something similar to that

  3. No dude, that's alcohol.
  4. what if humans could get giraffes pregnant,imagine would that baby would look like
  5. ...but dandelions though. I had the realization that they are the simplest flower (they grow, seeds depart and travel, then start their own independent lives without complicated interaction) born in the utmost chaos (seeds disperse with no pattern, in no specific order, and at no specific time of the day/year).
  6. Back before the Netflix and Gamefly days...me and my buddies dreamed of opening a video/video game/Chinese food combination store...
  7. Considering how much countries have advanced over these thousands of years, what if the cure for cancer already exists and the government chose to not release it for population control? Same with aids and hiv.
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