What is wrong with this leaf?!

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  1. so a few of my Dr Greenthumbs Em dog by humbolt seeds have developed this pattern on the leaves and I am not sure what is wrong with them
    I've tried cross referencing it with various deficiency charts and it didn't really look like anything in there.

    I am sorry about the picture quality but it's the best I can do right now.

    Any help is appreciated. And yes I am aware they have a bit too much nitrogen in them. I'm working that out.

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  2. Looks like PH fluctuations too me... I could be wrong but it's got a distinct look, google it see if it matches
  3. That does make sense. I was away for a couple nights and left my brother in charge of feeding them. I forgot to tell him I use Ph 5.8 and he uses 6.4.
  4. Hmm not a big Change, but is they been getting that 5.8 for ages then all of a sudden get that, I'm guessing it could affect it... 5.8 are you growing in hydro ?
  5. Nope. Growing in coco. I know 5.8 is a bit low but it's always worked for me nicely.
  6. Na that's cool in coco was going to say soil is to low bro.. see how she goes just try and keep on what your happy with - it could be something else..
  7. Yeah It could be something else but I think your guess was on point. Thanks for your help man. I'm going to keep any eye on it and if it gets worse I'll post another photo on here and see if we can work it out from there. I will try and get better quality photos too
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  8. Have you ruled out spider mites? I've never personally dealt with the little bastards but I've seen plenty of stories where leaves started developing light (eventually white) spots where the mites were eating the chlorophyll from the plant...anyways, rule out all pests as well!

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