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What is wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AliX420, May 11, 2010.

  1. Ok, So yesterday, I smoked for the first time in a while with a few friends. (I'm going to fail a piss test btw, so it's gonna really suck if that shit got me sick as well). It was my first time ever using a "gravity bong"... but that was AMAZING. I've never been that high before.. Hahahaha.. amazing. Anywho, once I came down from the high, I noticed that my throat hurt REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. I figured, whatever, it was just from the new method of smoking...
    Today, my throatache is gone, but I have a headache (Right behind my left eye) and a runny/clogged nose... And in general, I just feel like shit.

    So, do you think I just got really unlucky and got sick unexpectedly? Or does this actually have something to do with the pot?... Um. This is probably a dumb question but you should help me out anyway...

    Btw, I actually got high enough that I lost memory of like, 80% of yesterday. But I remember that everything looked like we were in a coloring book... It all looked fake. And my friend marrissa was acting like she was trippin acid. She kept repeating "Ali says there's someone riding a bike, but there isn't even anyone riding a bike..."

    That's pretty much what I remember, that, and having an argument with this girl who was there... And I remember right as I started getting high I couldn't quit staring at this hatchetman Tshirt... I kept singing ICP songs in my head too. Weird.
    Anyway I think I'm dying and I really need a cigarette but for some reason every time I have one I feel like I'm going to puke :S that hasn't happened to me since 7th grade! (When I started smoking)...

    Anyway at the time this was crazy fun for me, while most of the people I was stoned with weren't having fun at all. One chick didn't say a word for 3 hours. She just sat there dead pale staring off into space. And most everyone else was not having a fun time... Was it just bad weed?
  2. Most of the stuff you are listing are just symptoms of being really baked, lol. You haven't smoked in awhile, you have low tolerance, but a gravity bong can fuck you up.
    Staring off into space isn't really a sign it was bad weed or they weren't having fun, when I get overly high I just kinda trip out and zone off in my own little world.

    I usually never have a headache the next day after ive smoked, unless I smoked some shit with seeds and stuff packed in it. But everyone is different, usually I just wake up coughing up a little flem, but in general feel pretty good.

    Maybe someone there was sick and slobbered on the gravity bong before your hit?
  3. Well someone slobbered on it... But I doubt that got me sick.
    But, if I turn out to have some kind of nasty STD... we'll know where that came from. :eek:
  4. I lol'd hard at this.
  5. yet not going to get an std unless u all took turns fucking the bong, u could have gotten a cold from slober though
  6. Ok, first off you smoke cigs, yuk.

    Tbh dude you probably just caught something from the g-bong, its not like they're the most hygienic things in the world you know, weed doesn't give you symptoms like that unless the dealer sneezed on it or handled it with dirty hands lol.

    Oh and omg I had a high once where I thought everything seemed fake like you said it was from a coloring book n shit... I found that really weird but it was good lol, what made it even trippier was the fact that we were walking down a busy street with hundreds of people haha.
  7. Great that you have tried it and like it..but why the fuck would you fail a DT on purpose???????
  8. LOL obviously I didn't fail the fucking DT purposely... I just really wanted to get high, and it was a random DT so I didn't think I was gonna have to take it the very next day. :cool:
  9. I feel like a dumbass now lol. :smoking:
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    This reminds me of this time I was really really fucked up from green dragon. I was the only one who took it that day. Right as it was starting to kick in, my friends take me into the back woods of this neighborhood to go toke, and it honestly felt like hitting a brick wall. Everything (especially the trees) looked like they were in a pop-up book. It was the most mind blowing experience I have had so far with this wonderful green plant.

    Also, it sound like you just have a plain bad cold. You didn't have to have caught it the night before; colds often lay dormant in your system a couple of days before you show symptoms. Exposure to a lot of smoke, however, could not have helped it at all. This being said, watch to see that you didn't give it to other people since it is most likely to pass when you don't know you (or another person) has it.

    Hope this was helpful. :)
  11. That shit sucks.

    Personally, I have smoked WAY too much and ended up with a headache the next day. It's rare, but it happens.
  12. First off. If you are smoking cigerettes, AND weed. Idk wtf you are doing. Theres no reason to smoke cigs when youve got weed.

    Id quit the cigs, because they can lower your immune system. Plus its just dumb and gross in general. Your choice though.

    Second, it sounds like you just got really blazed on some indica. Marijuana is actually a HALLUCINOGEN

    Not a depressant, or a or anyhting like that. Personally I agree with the fact it is a hallucinogen 100%.

    So when you do it in high enough doses you may start to see or feel things.

    I got high enough on some indica dominant beasters to actually think I was tripping acid and had been slipped a hit somehow. I had not smoked in 2 weeks, and I have a low tolerance anyway.

    I had minor closed eye visuals, and extreme body sensations.

    As far as being sick goes, either someone there was sick, or you yourself were already sick. It sounds like you have a little sinus cold. Hence the headaches and the draining.

    I suggest smoking a water bong.

    Last. Some advice on DT's.

    Dont smoke on probation, dont smoke when your job tests you, dont smoke before you have to go the doctor, and dont get in trouble with the law.

    If you absolutely HAVE to smoke, do it the day AFTER a drug test, or have some things ready to clean out your system.

    It is totally ridiculous to get caught for anything weed related, unless you are moving weight or growing large amounts.

    Getting caught for anything else is just a lack of common sense.
  13. Yeah, well, seeing as I'm still sick I'm pretty sure I was sick already. Thanks though, you guys were alot of help :] :hello:
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    -Gum/Cough Drops/Water (not too much)
    -More weed/booze/shower/tylenol????
    -Shower (i take a hot shower and rub against my nose and below and next to my eyes, that'll clear your head up some)
    -sometimes weed will make you groggy and crummy the next day, kinda the way it is. sleepin in, food, and a shower usually does me up good, feel recharged
    -You're not unlucky, just sounds like you had a kindof a crazy time, some some wierd shit, and came down and felt a bit crummy, which makes sense chiefin a big gravity bong like that, hmm.

    -noone will know if its bad weed or not unless they see it/smell it/smoke it

    thats my 2 cents worth
  15. Whats with all the preaching about quitting smoking cigs. Sound like my fucking parents or something.

  16. the weed has given you a second chance!!! it reverted you back to when you never smoked cigarettes and now you have a chance to never do them again. don't pass it up man, this only happens once in a lifetime
  17. Lol, when I'm sick I never feel like smoking a cigarette, makes me want to gag.

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