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  1. I'm new here, so, be nice! If I posted this in the wrong place I'm sorry.

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    I'm only about 3 weeks from seed and I'm starting to get this stuff in the nodes.
    I'm a noob, btw, first grow, but I feel like I have learned a lot.
    I have never come across any pics or reading material that talked about
    these types of things showing up in the nodes.

    If its preflowers, I know the dudes have balls and the ladies have hairs, but, these doesn't resemble either. Granted this is my first time and all I'm going on is pics I've seen online, but I'm confused.

    Any help or ideas you can provide would be awesome.


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  2. That does look weird...
    Monitor it in the next few days and post pictures..
  3. Will do.

  4. i dont think its fully developed yet.

    like omdogg said. monitor nd comeback in a few days.
  5. looks like it's going to be a branch... u will know in a few days
  6. Looks like new growth, sometimes it curls up into almost a solid thing but it will open into leaves in a few days, but moniter it just to be sure.
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    Thanks guys,
    looks like it is new growth.
    I feel pretty lame for asking when its this obvious now,
    but just a few days ago it looked completely different.

    Is it normal to have new leaves form out of nodes like that?

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  8. Check my smile link in my sig Bro. Look at the last page

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