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  1. hey guys, what causes tips to curl under? I havent seen any discoloration, so did not think it was a nute probl. anyone got any input? Thanx!

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  2. How often do you water, and what are the temps, and hows the airflow? It kinda looks like overwatering to me, but im probably not the most qualified.
  3. More information needed!
    And its being moved to sick plants and problems thread.
  4. temps normally @ 78 to 80, was watering on wed. and sat. now have 5 more just added, so will be waiting till sat. or when they go dry. May be over watering but didn;t know. Air flow is great. got cold conditioned air coming in on a t-stat, got big squirrel cage blower from furnace pulling everything 30min. from a 7" duct. My humidity is around 45-50%. 400 w hps on top, 3 foot or so. 21 hrs. on 3 hrs.off:confused::wave:
  5. wonder if they could use more light, would moving it down a little help? How soon would i see a difference?

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