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  1. just pulled the plant and started to pretrim before drying.. noticed this on one of the buds and haven’t seen anything like it. Is it the start of seeds or something? It looks like tiny wooden spikes and it’s just in that one spot. Just curious, thanks in advance! (Also I know it looks like it could’ve gone a little longer before pulling it lol we needed the tent and this is one of the bottom branches )

    3F7A4365-966D-428A-B9BD-A2E9E8E1E8FD.jpeg 582738DE-3687-45E9-A507-55976D6E5098.jpeg
  2. Looks like bananas, good thing you chopped it enjoy the smoke.

    Bananas contain pollen

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  3. Just read ur bottom part. Inspect the plant, if you see more nanners id either pull them with a wet tweezers if possible, otherwise cut the plant down and enjoy.

    Itll start putting energy into nanners, not buds, and if the pollen gets on ur other fems, ull have herms

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  4. I dont see what you are talking about man... unless it is what I am thinking and that is what's left over from where you cut the leafs off.
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    Nanner, I got this tip from a long time grower then verified it by talking to some ppl who work at a grow facility. I’ve used it a few times. When you notice u are getting nanners start misting your plants. I done it right at lights on and then again sometime a couple hours b4 lights out. The water “explodes” the pollen. Once a banana forms it is releasing pollen. Watch out for full sacs, and remove them with ease. I’ve had a few burst with a slight unwanted movement when removing them
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  7. Damn good thing I pulled it when I did. Thanks everyone! Haven’t seen any others yet either so that’s a good thing also!
  8. Yeah they do look like bananas but when they grow like that they don't produce much pollen at all. Plus seeds take weeks to grow so there isn't a rush to harvest
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