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  1. I was sent a book of paper with my bong. They are not rolling papers. Does anyone know what they are used for?
  2. Pictures would help a lot. In their absence, if I had to hazard a guess I'd say what you got is a pack of pre-made roaches/filters/crutches. Are they about the same width as a paper, give or take, but far shorter, and made of heavier paper stock? Maybe just slightly lighter weight than what's used for business cards? If so, that's what they are. Tear one off, and roll it up so it's a springy roll of cardboard, and put it in the end of the joint you anticipate drawing from. It keeps the mouth end of your joint or blunt wide enough to guarantee a good draw, the spring-like shape keeps grass (and if you use it, tobacco or crumbs of hash) out of your mouth, and it provides a firm end you can handle with little fear of accidentally smashing your joint so it won't draw well. It also allows you to smoke as much of it as you want without burning your fingers, though I still wouldn't recommend smoking all the way to the cardboard itself, because as the cherry gets close it will ruin the taste. Still, you could smoke every last bit without burning your fingers and without using a roach clip, if you really wanted to.

    Image found via Google, illustrating how to use these items. When you don't have any, you can cut or tear your own from business cards, unused index cards, cigarette or rolling paper covers, etc.
  3. That is it! Thanks!
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  4. my pleasure :)

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