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what is this stuff??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ManOnTheMoon424, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    i don't smoke anymore but my old plug put a pic of this up on fb lol makes me want to start again. too pretty
  2. Unless his fingertips are purple from the bud, I'd say someone went a little too crazy on photoshop.
  3. shit doesn't look safe that's all i know
  4. Just some purple due to either phosphorus deficiency,cold temps,and or strain.
  5. "what is this stuff??" purple weed.
  6. I've never seen weed with orange before... Very strange
  7. Probably that radiation from japan :eek:

    But forreal natural cannabis may be purple but not neon orange and bright lime green at the same time. To many colors going on there and not natural - to bright.

    I would advise your friend to toss the nug and find another dealer
  8. It's called spray paint
  9. Yea, not legit weed. I mean it once was but not anymore..i mean right.. its too "vivid" i've seen plenty of grows and plenty of purple buds but never anything as "radioactive" as that.
  10. looks like it was photo shopped or sumthing.
  11. I know...I know, don't trust anything off the internet, but if that shits real you can bet your moms camel toe that I want to smoke it.:D
  12. that is fruity pebbles. It was developed by Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble
  13. [quote name='"DrPepsi500"']I've never seen weed with orange before... Very strange[/quote]

    you prob smoke shit then lmao

  14. I'm pretty sure he meant that bright orange. Orange and red and lighter yes, but that is literally neon.

    One thing I have been thinking about though, this could be a matter of how the flash is causing the bud to look.

    The purple is easily understandable just the neon colors are off putting for sure.
  15. Troll! Look at purple finger tips FAIL
  16. Hell anything could of gave it that blast of orange. Anything from a lighter being lit just outside the POV or the way the flash hit it as ^ said.

    I do believe it is just photoshop, though.
  17. it reminds me of those indian color festivals lol
  18. Its called photoshop

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