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    So yesterday I went out to toke in the woods near my campus as usual. Anyway I took a bit of a secluded route and came across a backpack hidden in the brush. As soon as I unzipped the bag I got a powerful smell of weed. Looking through I found about a half gram of Shake, a grinder, and a pipe. Then I found this. It's a plastic bag then something wrapped in aluminum foil but hotdoggish shaped. I open it to find this brownish material.

    At first I thought it was hash and I was very excited. But then it occurred to me it could maybe be an old brownie? It smells like weed but it also has a slight chocolate smell to it. It's very dry and crumbly.

    I smoked a small amount to see and it didn't taste bad or burn a lot like I thought smoking a brownie would be like. I'm just so confused what this could be?

    Hash? Crumble? A brownie? Or what???!
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    looks like poorly pressed keif... did you get high from smoking it?
  4. I think. Idk I didn't wanna smoke much because it has a slight chocolate smell. It honestly wasn't that bad when I smoked a few hit out of a pipe. I couldn't tell because I smoked weed a little after
  5. haha duh nice
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    Taste it. Does it taste like brownie?
  7. I know I've never wrapped up brownies to be hotdogish shaped; Then again,I've never done it with weed either. Hell it could be anything. Poop, moss, dirt, radioactive spider eggs, marijuana or maybe dried roots from a grow that hasn't been transplanted yet or somebody hasn't gotten rid of yet.
  8. eat a bit.. that's all I can say.. if you didn't get high off a hit of it then its not weed or keif.

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