What is this? Please help, white spike at base. Closet grow.

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  1. First time growing but I knew enough to get me through, or so I thought. This is a closet grow. Plants are 9 weeks old and trying to switch to flower stage in 12/12 lighting. I've attached two pics of the problem at hand. It appears to be a mutation that caused a white thorn/spike of some sort to form at the base of my plant. It is WiFi OG strain. I used miracle grow although I know the nutrients are usually to much, it seemed to work out fine. I flushed the soil, germinated the seeds with the paper towel and plastic bag method. Everything was fine, 85-95 degree varying temp from morning to night. 2000 lumen per plant because I've just now gotten out of vegetative phase. I have a 500 watt hps bulb that I was about to begin using when I found this situation occurring in plant number 1. I've combed numerous forums here and came up with nothing so far pertaining to this possible mutation, any guidance is appreciated.

    My 2nd plant has a little nutrient problem that I believe I can fix but I'll attach pics of that as well. Mainly I need help identifying the mutation/problem in plant number 1 and if or how I can remedy this. Thank you for your time in reading this post and for whatever help u may provide.

    IMG_20190612_142447.jpg Plant 1
    Plant 1

    IMG_20190612_141810.jpg Plant 2. I believe nitro deficient, starting from the base but spreading upward. Some leaves turning black starting at the tip.

    IMG_20190607_142331.jpg Full pic to show that they do appear healthy so any help would be more then appreciated.

    No nutrients have been added since I used the miracle gro garden soil with plant food, although I did most likely flush a good deal out. I've only used bottled water since the start. I use a space heater that doubles as a fan but not directly on the plants, its pointed at the direction of the base of the planter as to heat the soil and not the plant itself, and not as often anymore since it's getting warmer out. If any additional info or pics are needed please feel free to let me know. Any and all help is appreciated and once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.
  2. Its just root coming out. Bury it and it should grow.
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  3. as far as feeding your are doing good so far yes maybe low N.. its time to give a lil more! Specifically if you plug your hps!
  4. Thank you so much for the advice and the kind words. I really appreciate that. I put some dirt and hopefully does the job. And I've got some Doctor Earth from a local supply store so I've done what I can. I will post pics as they progress. And once again, thank you so much for replying and especially so soon.
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