What is this?! How do I smoke on it?!

Discussion in 'General' started by OrmenDenTapre, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Hey Peoples!
    I've just gotten a waterpipe for my bithday...nice, I thought...BUT... How the **** do you use it?! It's from vietnam and not at all like the waterpipes I know made of glass, tall and with a long "snake"(?) to inhale through.. This is made of some sort of stone and is like a jar.. Can't figure it out.. Hope there's some specialist out there who can figure out what this is and how i smoke on it..

  2. I dont think anybody here would be able to answer your question with out taking a few pics or drawing in paint what it looks like :)
  3. Maybe you got a hookah?

    Yeah, I second the necessity of pictures.
  4. post a pic and almost anyone here can help u out
  5. you probably have an opium pipe. There should be a hook over the water reservior where you'd put the opium chunk on.

    i had a dragon opium pipe too until i got confiscated by some RA's. I had to make a huge mesh screen to use it for weed.

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