What is this? Found on FL coast last week.

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    So I was in Florida for spring break last week and I picked up what I thought was sea glass and was confused.
    Is this a fossil?

    I'm showing my geology professor tomorrow. It kind of looks like a small trilobite or something.

    What do you guys think?
    This is where it gets confusing

    Take your guesses before I find out tomorrow
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  2. looks kinda like an almond especially in the 2nd pic lol

  3. Lol i dont think its and almond. its pretty hard
  4. It's a hunk of poo. You know, like when Joe Dirt thought he found a meteor.
  5. It's an alien egg, man! The invasion is starting!
  6. cleary. i agree.
  7. [​IMG]

    I can see the resemblance, too
  8. it looks like metal in your photographs? how heavy is it, and how hard is it? do a scratch test.
  9. It looks like an imprint of the upper mouth/jaw kinda. You have those rivets on one side, like the top of your mouth, and the other side looks like teeth should be there. Idk just throwing out my .02
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  10. It feels and looks like bone..

    on the left is a fossil shark molar. on the right is the alien egg
  11. Try smoking it.
  12. Fossil testicle
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  13. looks like a fossilized turd to me.
  14. LOL im bringing it to my Prof in a few hours. Ill update u guys. Ill give reputation points to close guesses if he can even figure out what it is
  15. beach litter? ;)
    looks like a seed made out of lead.. on one side. Reminds me of some type of seed that I want to say 'looks like a soandso seed' but just can't pull the memory out of my head..
  16. my guess is a brachiopod of some sort put im no expert
  17. Some crazy aquatic animals' kidney stone?
  18. Sorry we had to take OP away, it was alien :cool:

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