What is this? 315w Floro Suncatcher? ..???

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  2. anyone?
  3. [quote name='FYL']"1x 315W Floro SunCatcher (1x105W 3000k, 1x105W 4000k, 1x105W 5000K)"

    hey man u have got 1 x 315w? lol u haave to worrie about the watts the bulb have not the watts it equals..

    so at total u have go around 80watts of light CFL

    that its good for 1or2 plants no more.. for each plant u add 50w more minimum

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  4. .........
    i never said i had one ..

    and why did u jump to the conclusion that the 315 watts is actually 80 watts ?
    they make 105w cfls .. they make 125w cfls, they even make 200w cfls ...
    ACTUAL watts.

    my question is .. WHERE DID THAT DUDE GET HIS 315w 3* bulb system at ?
  5. Regardless of what it is, you don't want it. Don't get anything but 2700K or 6500K. Anything else will have way too much green/near-green.

  6. i wass thinking of making something myself.

    i may build a frame (or something) that can hold my huge CFLS at different heights , something that can easily be moved around .


    thanks for the hellpp
  7. its 3 light bulb sockets fashioned near each other with a reflector on top. rather make one then drop 200 bucks on 3 sockets and a cut up soda can from a factory.

  8. well i build my own frame to my huge bulbs u can check it in my grow i just updated it a minute ago new pics and videos

    Kind regards! and sorry about your question i didnt understand in that moment.
  9. I'd definitely say to either ghetto it up, or get a 4'x4tube T5 fixture. The latter is what I would do if spending money, since T5s are available in pure blue/red if you do some digging. Haven't found any CFLs like that.

  10. hmmm, the t5 sounds cool .. buuuut, what do they cost ? with the bulbs ?
    i can buy some CFL's that are 105 actual watt for about $20 each .

  11. with me ? or the dude above me ?
  12. u, silly goose.

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