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What is the worst effect of Marijuana ?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by OG Mango, Jun 8, 2012.

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    In your opinion what is the most harmful or worst effect of Marijuana ?
  2. Paranoia is really annoying, but I feel like to our primal ancestors it was probably a blessing for keeping an eye out. Otherwise i don't like being hungry when I'm stoned, but I eat so little that when I get stoned it balances out my other minute meals.

  3. To name a few:smoke::smoke:
  4. spending too much money :(
  5. Spending too much on pieces, herb, whatever. Also its illegality, not so much it being illegal, but the stigma that surrounds it for being illegal.
  6. Eating too much unhealthy food
  7. The crash and burn and napping sometimes from coming down. When you still got stuff to do.
  8. thinking...


    munchies, getting fat, enjoying peaceful things, not wanting to be a part of violence...oh ya, and...

  9. I hate getting the munchies, but that's about it.
  10. How tired I sometimes will get after smoking, just makes me unproductive :(
  11. When you green out, and when you move you feel like you're going to pass out. That's the worst that happened to me....
  12. the next morning of being out of it for almost all day.
  13. Running out... :(
  14. when u get so baked that you just wanna chill but then youre forced to go do something outside. great for body highs not great for head highs
  15. It makes me so damn hungry that I cannot control myself and I eat the whole fridge.
  16. Running out.
  17. cost and running out.
    i actually love getting the munchies, although i am trying to gain weight, so...
  18. Munchies unless it's healthy food. It being illegal is probably the worst next to the cost
  19. Worrying about getting caught. Far and away the worst part of it for me. Such a hassle

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