What is the weirdest thing you've ever bonged with?

Discussion in 'General' started by daftie420, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Or just other weird things you've bonged wit h

    I've used Milk, Coffee (fucked up my bong for a while) , Monster, Water (obvo), , pepsi, rum, whiskey, nothing, that melted liquid chocolate stuff but i broke that bong after i hit it:mad:, i've also used eggnog which was pretty good. the coffee tasted like shit and everything made it sticky but mild water and nothing,
  2. Cranberry juice. Was pretty good, added a sweet taste.
  3. wtf? water bottles, coke bottles, milk jugs
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    He meant what kind of liquids in your bong im guessing. Actual utensils? Bottles for me.

    Ive always wantes to try an apple pipe though:
  5. ah, sorry, just water
  6. an old nintendo
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    How would that even work! :eek:
  8. I used mouth to mouth on a friend and lit the bud from his butthole and yanked his little wiener

    I was desperate
  9. Milk?

  10. chocolate milk is good, dunno bout in a bong though, ginger ale or cranberry juice might not be so bad though
  11. One time I filled it up with cat urine and took a huge rip, its called cheesing and it gets you super high.

    No but seriously, the ONLY thing you should be putting in a bong is water, anything else is just gross.
  12. Dihydrogen monoxide. That shit filters smoke like no other!
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    Was it fon to do?
  14. My buddy had a bong made out of a fire extinguisher that was pretty interesting. As far as liquids I stick to water all other ive tried was not good.
  15. A human skull

  16. Watching too many epicmealtime?

    PS: I meant to write many instead of much.
  17. Nitro glycerine

  18. i can second this. soooooo smooth
  19. dont smoke out of the can, that shit is bad for you, but weirdest shit i've prolly smoke out is a lemon, watermelon, and made a pipe out of a mango seed lol

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