What is the weirdest name youve ever heard?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by assassin49, Dec 5, 2013.

    You got me there. :wub:
  2. My name could be considered girlish although lots of guys with the name. But everyone knows me as Aeyjay and few know my real name :)
  3. pebbles or stormy
  4. Mazzy and acelynde
  5. I'm sitting next to a guy a work named noonytune no jokeSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. This reminds me of attention deprived women who have to change their names from jessica to jesyca, etc. 
  7. Airwrecka
    damn you're parents hated you
    I think its spelled Sharkeisha*

    I've heard some pretty unusual names but only a few come to mind right now.  
    A man named Chichi.   practically for the whole Caribbean region chichi means gay. On that note dont name you kid Tete either. 
    There is also Ana-Karina. Which to me is a really nice name, probably not unusual though.

    I quite like "ghetto" names because black people in the new world generally don't really have much cultural connection to African societies; yet these names are a part of the legacy of those societies that very prevalent.
  9. I worked with a guy whose parents actually named him Nimrod. He went by Nim.Sent from my EVO using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. I guess, haha. It's one of those family names. They gave me a good middle name (4shotMARK) and expected me to use it, but sometime around 3rd grade Madi stuck and it's been that ever since.

    My family has much worse names though. Claude, Lester, and my little nephew was just named Bowers (I call him Bo.)
  11. L-A
    I had NO CLUE how to say the name. THe little girl was trying out my gymnastics class, and when I went to call her in I guessed at the same pronounciation as Ella. Her mom was PISSED and said "YOU MEAN LADASHA! PSHT" seriously she made the Psht sound at me.
  12. any name that is a transitive verb
  13. Bombardina...
  14. My girlfriend's dad is named Dana, I thought that was a little strange.
  15. My friend works with a guy named juice.
  16. agreed
  17. My grandpa was a doctor and a teacher.

    One day he got a new student and the guy puts his hand out and says,

    Fuk yu

    My grandfather was taken aback....excuse me?

    No no, his name is fuk yu says another student. Grandpa was already beat red lol

    There was a guy in a school I went to named Richard cranium. We called him dick head :laughing:
  18. Hahaha, that's fucking great.

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