What is the strain ak-47

Discussion in 'General' started by iloveskywalkerog, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. What is it like what is ak-47

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  2. The first time I had AK I was a noob to smoking so for me it was the 3rd most mind blowing smoking experience ever, just behind the very first high and the highest I've ever been. Haven't found AK since :( I miss it, I want it ! I just gotta have it !
  3. First time i smoked AK it was legit from Amsterdam smuggled back by my friend's cousin. It was also the first time i ever hit headies from a bong.

    My friend milked a YELLOW ass hit and i inhaled it quickly. It burned. I coughed so loud and so much my friend's mom came upstairs and said "wtf y'all smokin? It must be good! You want some water honey?" I got so paranoid i left my papers, lighter and ounce of mids with my friend.

    Good fucking times.

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  4. Skunky, strong and hard hitting

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  5. Really good strain nice an dank its in my top 5.

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