What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you while stoned?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Grim Bongmaster, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. The scariest thing that ever happened to me while stoned happened in washington D.C. I was 18 and away from home for the first time with my two best friends cody and matt. We just got baked and were walking around D.C. We stopped by the whitehouse and on our way ran into one of the many illustrious hobo's they have littered everywhere.

    I had just lit a cigarrette and as we passed him the bum said "hey man can I bum a ciggarette?"

    Now maybe it's the Idea of a hobo asking if he can "bum" somthing.....maybe it was because I was stoned...or more likely both....I started busting up laughing....and right after I did so did matt and cody!

    The bum jumped up like a crack addict and started yelling "YOU THINK THATS FUNNY?" "YOU THINK THATS FUNNY?" I'm pretty sure he pulled a screwdriver out of his coat ...I don't know I didn't stick around long enough to see.

    We bolted as soon as he started yelling. I can't imagine what the people near us thought we were up to...we were running away from him laughing our asses off..and he was yelling at us like we just stole one of his coats!
  2. one of my friends had a party and me and 4 other kids pitched in for an ounce so we sat in his room and rolled the whole thing into joints and smoked all of them letting only those who werent drunk bastards yet in to take a couple puffs and go back to the party. After we finished someone yelled cops and everyone got all worried but it turns out there were no cops. Like 10 minutes later theres blue lights all over place so everyone ran out the back door into the woods. Me and 3 kids ran like half way across town to one of their houses and crashed there, the whole time all i had were my bare feet cuz i completely forgot to put my sandals on even though they were right underneath me.

  3. Man, you were just in the wrong part of town. The homeless population congregates near tourist attractions because they know that foot traffic is heaviest in those areas. The Capitol Police try to keep them away from important government buildings, but The White House is heavily guarded enough that they see no reason to harass anyone in that area.

    Walking around Georgetown, Dupont Circle, or Adams Morgan while stoned is just as entertaining and much safer.

    By the way, it probably was a screwdriver. :D
  4. one time me and some friends were looking for some bud. but our usuall dealer was dry and he gave us the number of one of he's friends that had weed to sell. so we call the guy and he seems real cool.when we get to his house 2 of my friends decide to go in and me and the 2 others decide to wait outside. so me and my friends are just chiilin in front of the guys house waiting for our friends to come out with our weed. then all of a sudden we hear this guy yell from inside the house "Give me the money or i'll fucking stab your eye out!" so me and the 2 other guys are just freaking out an before we have time to think we see our friends run out of the house, and a guy behind him with a GUN! and another guy with a bat, shit!! and they started chasing us but we already had a head start and we lost them in the alley. it was so crazy because it all happend so fast. and we all lost 10$ but i almost shit myslef when i saw that gun.
  5. it always amazes me how some people's "friends/dealers" will send them to shitheads like that. people who rob you for less than $100. luckily i'm glad all my friends have always been actual friends and got me good weed, safely.

  6. lmao... sry but thats funny for me, i know it wasn't for you at the time

    the scariest thing that happened to me was this one time i was throwing a party then we heard police sirens... but then it turned out just to be the music
  7. My Time was when i was at thos dudes party and his whole house was just full of people you coundnt move (and the staris got broken)

    all the drunks were downstairs and shit....while aload of us fellow pot smokers where in this dudes room just rolling up and doing bongs and shit....there must of been like 4 Oz of weed in that room.

    at about 11 you just hear sum1 in the room shouting "SHIT COPS, THE COPS"

    and shure enough when we look out the window there is a cop car there, like every1 in that room was like fuck.

    luckily the police only came coz the neighbours complained about the noise

    then about half hour later we see them pull up out side the house again, me being me, i just grabbed my stuff and went and hid my stuff behind the toilet.

    bout 15 - 30 mins later when i decided to go, i got my shit, gatherd up my friends and we went, as we headed outside the cops were still there with a copule of dogs in the car, me and one of my friend just fucking ran as fast as we could past em, then we reailised we ran into a dead-end.

    By now we just thought we were fucked. then when i turned round, my friend had kicked a hole thru sum1s fence for use to escape thru.....

    after that it we found our other friends on the way home and everything was going smooth.......expect when a police car pulled up beside us, and asked us if we had been o the party....then one of the sober friends bulerted out "YES", as soon as as she said that i just chucked my stuff in a bush behind us because i know that they were going to cheak us, which they did, but they found nothing.

    Aftert they drove of a little bit, one of the "friends" shouted out to them

    "Nice Meeting You"

    i was like whatr the fuck you doing man, then the cops reserved and said "we have had enough crap tonight, dont give us more or we will take you in"

    i just fucking nearly died, and when they drove off i looked in the bush for my stuff and rolled up.......
  8. The scariest and possibly most painful thing thats ever happened to me while stoned was when me and my boy Justin Smoked a nice quarter of bud and were stoned as hell but we wanted some more for the next day so i called up like 3 of my friends and none of em had weed but the third friend that i called gave me a number for this dude Craig he said he could sell us an ounce for 150 of really nice ass bud since i was cool wit Brian(third Friend) so we drive down there and he invites us in we go in and he pulls out a fucking gun and points it at my friend and told us to give him the money or he would kill us both keep in mind we were both stoned as hell already and my friend freaked out and started screaming begging for the guy not to kill him so i pull out the money and throw it in his face i tell my friend to run but he just stands there he was completely paralyzed so i ran at the dude to hit him in the jaw and as my arm was coming up he shot me in the fucking arm so my right hand drops to my side and i swing with my left well he didnt react quickly enough this time and i hit him as hard as i could in the jaw the dude drops to the ground and all of a sudden i see my friend Justin come out of nowhere and kicks the dude in the face now my arm is bleeding really fucking badly and i feel like im bout to faint but the adrenaline that was going through me got me kicking him in the balls repeatedly while my friend is kicking his fucking face in and finally the dude is knocked out cold my friend runs and finds a belt and ties my arm up with it and grabs the weed off the table and picks up the money, then we ran our asses out of there and stashed the weed in this pocket under the front seat of my car and he drives to the hospital we told them that we were drinking with the dude and him and my friend got into an argument after we were already drunk as hell and the dude pulled out a gun and everything that happened after that except bout the weed and the money and luckily my friend kicked his face in so badly that the dude went into a coma and woke up a month later with no recollection of what happened at all this was almost a year ago and my friend Brian hasn't hung out wit him since and if i ever see that faggot again im going to fucking kill him
  9. Holy shit!!!!!!!! Damn I hope that shit never happens to me! Way to go on putting that guy in the coma though man!!
  10. ^^^

    youd think from what happened it would seem like im a violent pothead but im actually quite peaceful the fucker deserved to die we let him off easy lol now i almost wish we had killed him although we did give him a concussion and i dont think his dick will ever work again so i guess that might just be a fate worse than death cuz i kicked him at least 20 times in the balls as hard as i could and considering i can legpress over 900lbs i think i might have completely crushed his balls oh and i fogot to mention that my friend and I took one last shot at the guy a peice we both kicked him in the ribs as hard as we could we broke all his ribs by the way getting shot hurts like hell but they gave me morphine so i guess the moral is dont ever go into your friend's friend's house to buy weed unless you packing cuz apparently you cant really trust anyone
  11. I'd say the most scariest thing thats ever happened to me is when this bum came up to me and asked if i wanted to smoke a bowl. So i go and smoke a bowl with him and he says "yea man youve got to love crystal meth." i was pretty pissed off, but luckly he wasnt talking about the shit we just smoked, he just wanted to know if i knew where he could get some meth.

  12. yeah, dude. i know what you mean. shit like that needs to get its ass kicked. never meant to hurt anyone, just wanted some bud. some asshole has to get ahead of the game though. yet another story that amazes me of who your friends send you to. my friends or their dealers would never do that. maybe i'm just lucky so far...
  13. Wow that's fucked up..seems like everyone your dealer or whoever sends you to someone else's house you get fucked. I'll definately keep that shit in mind cause it's freaky just reading some of this stuff and picturing it happenin to me.

    The scariest thing that has happened to me was probably smoking a bowl at the park at like 12:30 (pm) and a cop drove by and saw me and my friend, so stopped. I tossed the bowl hoping it'd land in this bush that was kind of far off to my right. He shined the light on us and told us to come here, so we did and he asked our age and where we lived. Then just told him to go home, so we walked a little and waited until we were sure he was gone, went back and got the bowl then walked home. It was pretty stupid to smoke there but we were bored heh..
  14. Man you should call the better business beareu on those bastards..................!!!!

  15. I'm happy that he didn't deceive you, but I must say that you should expect the worst when you smoke with bums. It's one thing to smoke with someone you don't know, but it's much more dangerous to do so with a person who has problems serious enough to force him to the streets. It's true that some homeless people cannot be blamed for their misfortunes, but many have serious issues. Be careful in the future, man.
  16. i was here at home drinking with some buds last week, out of nowhere a cop pulls up to my house and starts to walk to my door.

    i had NO iDEA why he was here, so in a drunken panic i hid my digis bongs etc in the back. answered the door, turned out it was just a noise complaint, we had some steve miller playing a little too loud :D haha. anyways, everything was ok, but i sure was goin for a little bit.
  17. wow that is insane with the gun and being shot and stuff,

    i never go in the house whenever we got anything, i was always driving. whatever though now we get our shit delivered to our door!!! i love it this dude with this superbike comes over every time we call. what a country.

    but i guess i need to put my scary moment up on this thing, i don't know if this was the scariest thing but it was kinda crazy. i was in Vegas a little while ago with my buddy and we were totally stoned and i was driving back to the hotel and i'm sittin at the left turn lane and there is a cop on the other side of the intersection and it made me a little paranoid so the light turns green and i guess i just wanted to be as far from the cop as possible and i turn to sharp and am on the wrong side of the road! (there is a median so i can't just drive back over) my friend is like dude wtf go go! then the next thing i know there is no cars coming at us except for 1 and its another cop! i just went as fast as i could till i could get back going the right way and then we pulled into our hotel parking lot. neither cop did anything at all! i don't know why but it seriously felt like GTA las vegas for a minute there to me...
  18. once me and 2 friends smoked out my friends room when we thought his parents were out for the night....we were havin a nice bong session while switchin wit a blunt after every hit.,......that room was soo baked out.....all the sudden..we heard a car door shut...we ran out of there and into another room...just then my friends dad walked in...and walked right into the room we smoked out...we got out of there in time....but suprisingly..he never knew.......guess he wasnt one of those millions of stoners in the 70s
  19. scariest moment i ever had was we were chilling in my friends garage after smokin like 5 bowls and he had this mailbox that was surrounded in brick and these 2 cars were racing down his street and the one lost it and nailed the mailbox at about 60 now that was fucked up and scary as hell but then we had to talk to the cops that showed up
  20. When I was a freshman in high school one of my first times smokin I was at a buddy's house with a few friends and we got the brilliant idea of smokin his brothers weed..

    Now mind you this kid is a beast but we thought he wouldnt come home. We were halfway done smoking when he did get home and we all got panicked and climbed out my buddy's window.. stupidest shit I've ever done..I coulda got my teeth kicked in easy

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