What is the point of loving, if it ends?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by downtosesh, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I don't have anything else to add.
    So why do people do it?
  2. Well everything ends. Doesn't mean everything is pointless.
  3. The happiness is temporary, and when you think about what was in the past, what you had, it's saddening.

  4. As the platitude goes, "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before."

    I can't imagine a world in which we wouldn't be able to feel and express such a fundamental emotion as love, even if we can only hold onto it for so long.
  5. Love is all encompassing and as such has no polar opposite.
  6. I've never loved or been loved, and it shows. :(
  7. Some say love is just a load of chemicals the body produces so as to encourage you to stay with someone and procreate. But love is far more than this - it is your natural vibration. The more you feel love, the more you grow from it. Feeling love is nice, but loving is more important, in whatever way you feel you can. It is this that changes your frequency so that you see more of what life really is.

    Don't confuse love with something sexual or partner-filled, there are far higher states of love to open yourself to. It never ends.
  8. Isn't hate the opposite?
  9. [quote name='"downtosesh"']I don't have anything else to add.
    So why do people do it?[/quote]

    Isn't it better to experience something great once then never experience it at all?
  10. This reminds me of a Louis CK bit where he says the best case scenario to meeting someone is that they eventually die, because it's better than divorce or being cheated on.
  11. Only if your life's shit at the minute.

    Stop being a nihilist, just stop.
  12. There are only 2 emotions.

    Love and Fear.......all other emotions stem either directly or indirectly from these two.

    Which one would you rather experience?
  13. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5G1FmU-ldg&feature=youtube_gdata_player[/ame]
  14. You only live once, if you find someone special and want to spend your life with them then your going to love them, and that could go on the rest of your life along with happiness.
  15. Why do you get high? the high will end

    why do you eat or sleep? life will end

    why do you do anything? All things come to an end

    i dont understand the point of the thread. Are you lonely? you will find someone dont worry

  16. Oh ok, dad.
    Life being "shit" is really irrelevant to the topic of this thread.
  17. Physically doing these things to get physical fufillment is not the same as emotional.
  18. Thank you.
  19. What is the point of living, if it ends?

    You might as well ask that first, because everything, including love, comes after that. For that reason, suicide is the most serious philosophical question we face. To be or not to be. If we can judge what is the worth of our life, then we have answered the fundamental problem in philosophy. Everything else, is secondary.
  20. We do it to experience it. Even if it ends, we still knew what it was like.

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