What Is The Most Racist Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mikegunior7, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Mine was my friend got angry at me and called me a Niger. I looked in his eyes and his face was red. I could tell that he really meant it:eek:

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  2. I once got called a nigger by a white kid, i went inside tim hortons bought my coffee and my uncles and stepped back outside ready to fuck up that kids face and his little friends but they biked off immediately seeing my walk to them. They were a bunch of pussys
  3. I posted a thread about this experience, it happened to me 4 years ago almost to the day. This is the thread I posted;
  4. Being called a beaner in high school because my skin is slightly tanner than most of the Mainers I went to school with. I'm half Peruvian, so it wasn't even the correct racist term, but hey, just another example of how stupid racists can be :p
  5. A cop pulled me over one time and let me off with a warning. On the bottom of the ticket/citation thing the reason for the traffic stop was "Black/male 12/82"
  6. Had my ass handed to me on more than one occassion for the simply fact that I'm Caucasian.
    Any good turn deserves another, though, right? :devious:
  7. girlfriends father beat her cause he found out she was going out with a Native American......tossed her down the stairs and she broke her arm.....Nice White man
  8. He called you an African country? That bastard. But seriously nothing. I'm white. The only thing someone can call me based on race is a honkey or cracker and I just find it funny as fuck. Lol you called me a cracker man? Yea that totes ruined my day! 
  9. I don't know If this is racists but I got asked a lot if I know how to give massage coz Asians are good at it. And the way they treat me most of the time is just racism for me... They think Asians are prostitute and the housemaid type. I'm currently studying in a gulf country which is the place I've never expected to be in. But I handle them pretty well now, I learned how to fight back and scared them away. Lol!
  10. Blatant racism in some steak and shake in some small town in indy

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  11. a couple nights ago on the local fox news face off they had a white lady who was a replub and a blk lady who was a dem
    at the very end, the black lady got the very last word and it was directed at the white lady
    she said
    "ya'll had bush for 8 yrs, now its our turn"
    i mean what the fuck is that supposed to mean? serously?
    i dont know. is this how our country is now? i thought we are trying to erridicate racism, and this very lady says this kind of thing 
  12. How exactly is that racist?
  13. My daughter is half black, I've gotten a ton of downright ignorant comments about it, how dare I mix races. Fuck you, I'll mix whatever I want.
  14. happened on dif. occasions when i used 2 ride my bike to nd from home white people would yell nigger nd throw shit at me like one time it was an egg, pennies etc... but fuck them
  15. Being chased on the way walking home while being called the n word by 3 white guys who were throwing rocks at me. This happened in the 2000's mind you. smh. 
  16. I'm a fob chink. First year in American high school I had daily fights with all sorts of people just because I'm Asian.
  17. i was at this churcch thing and they had this basketball thing.  went really far back trying to make an impossible shot, it hit a 7 year old in the head, and he asked "who did it?" then a group of kids surrounded me and this little girl said "chocolate boy did it!" and im not even black....
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    fuck, that's terrible :\\
    when i was younger a few of my friends weren't allowed to hang out with me because i'm native american. i hated living in small towns, ran into that problem a little too much. i don't like the city much either though but at least there are more people to be friends with.
  19. I dated one guy and one girl who had to keep me away from their house because their dads didnt want them dating a black girl.

    And I've been called a nigger while walking down the street. I was like 13 too.

    Oh and once I worked at a restaurant and apparently someone wrote on a dry erase board. I don't like working with sa...... She's a nigger.

    Ive felt so much love over the years.
  20. The reason he stated for pulling me over was that I'm a black male. How is that NOT racist.
    Everything was working fine in my car and I broke no traffic laws. At first he said the reason for stopping me was that my emission tests were out of date, which I had done the week before. After showing him proof that everything was up to date, he said the reason for pulling me over was "black/male".
    So being a black male while driving is a good reason effect a traffic stop?

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