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What Is The Most Insane Head High You Have Had?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PAND3MIC, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Plenty of stories are passed around about the highest someone has ever been, but I want to hear from other people what the most thoughtful, in-head experiences they have had smoking bud are. What strain was it? How much did you smoke/ingest? How did you smoke/ingest it? 

    (People who don't like reading long posts, you can skip the rest. Im more interested in reading your experiences over informing you of mine)

    The headiest experience I have ever had was my fist time getting Sharksbreath. I had smoked plenty of other hydroponic strains at the time, none compared to how many ive had now, but it was pretty (un)memorable on account that the high was insane enough to remember, but my memory of that night is hazy if not barely existent. 

    My friend texted me one day and said he had some real dank compared to his usual 15-20% thc strains. He stopped by, gave me a gram to try, and took off. I sat by myself and casually lit up a bowl with my usual piece, a plain glass spoon. After just a bowl my head felt substantially heavier. A thousand thoughts raced through my head and it took about 10 minutes to realize I was staring and just thinking. I got back to smoking, and before I knew it, the whole gram was gone. I sat on my bed for an amount of time that felt random, vividly imagining detailed scenes and pictures. Things that make no sense in a sober man's perspective. My vision was warped and my floaters, (people call them different things, but the colors and patterns that you see when its really dark  or really bright) arranged themselves into different patterns, making it look like I was in a room full of propane gas and multicolored particles. I layed down and listened to the Gorillaz in this state for about 1 and 1/2-2 hours until I started to come down. Then it hit me. I felt my eyes slide down my face and dry into little red prunes, my face felt heavy, and my perception became a blur. After that, I woke up about 8 hours later, feeling exactly how I went to sleep. My mouth was dry to the point that my lips were stuck to my gums and I felt like a dried out glue puddle on my bed. I have to say, after smoking ounce after ounce of good bud and my few dabbing experiences, that one little gram of sharksbreath had me feeling more stoned than any of my other experiences.

    Thanks for reading my experience, I know its a bit of a TL;DR post, but I want to know if anyone outside of my usual smoking buddies have ever experienced a high feeling this insane. 

    What have you veteran tokers got to tell?
  2. My most intense high was a FANTASTIC body high that put the biggest smile on my face for hours. Wow it was intense.

    That high sounds pretty crazy OP, I'm adding sharksbreath to my list of strains to try. Well written.

    The most insane head high I've had was after smoking 3 big bong rips of some strong mids.

    Head was heavy first, then I got bombarded with "wispy" yet powerful waves of energy only in my head. A few minutes later, while sitting down, I stared at the wall of my living room, because when I'm this high, I can usually see patterns of faces and things in wood, carpet, etc. This time was different, I saw a strange slowly rotating psychedelic patterned thing floating in my vision. I was amazed. I later got up and my head felt like a balloon, so I had to play some solitare lol.

    Wish I could remember it better to fully describe it.

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