What is the most important piece of advice you can share about Life in general?

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    It's time to share your wisdom, citizens of Grasscity.
  2. the stall closest to the door in a public bathroom is usually the least used. People tend to go to the furthest stall thinking it's the cleanest, but it's not

    objects cause suffering, learn to not get attached to physical items
  3. Thanks for the tip.
  4. You can be as great as you want to be, if you want
  5. Live and learn.

    I know its cliche and overused but its so true. After every experience, good or bad you can come away from it learning something from it.
  6. It will be over sooner than you think. Enjoy your popcorn.
  7. its the nerds who grow up to be successful
  8. Do what you dream to do. Life is an opportunity take it.
  9. Know money.

    Trust me. I got involved with retail side- and banking/finance at the age of 17.

  10. This. I know it was said above but it is just so absolutely true. Everything can be applied to this, and you can grow as a person after every experience
  11. excess in moderation. balance. being accountable for yourself and your actions.

    so far i think im doing ok :rolleyes:
  12. Live and let live.

    Cliche, but that doesn't make it any less true.
  13. ^ agreed. let people live their lives the way they want. as long as they arent harming anyone else.
  14. Also anything Bill Watterson has said is great advice. The man was the creator of Calvin and Hobbes and was also a wise man too. He was very wise for the years he spent on earth.
  15. look people in the eye when apologizing

    if you do something wrong admit to it
  16. Most things in life that have the ability to life you up and help your spirit soar can do the opposite tenfold if treated carelesslly.
  17. Any time a bill murray movie is on, you must watch it.

    Every novel/movie/band you think is fantastic, most likely sucks, so quit talking about it like people care.

    never get high on your own supply

    if when you're parking you think "we might get towed", walk the extra block.

    Masturbate often.

    your idea of "art" or "expression" is nothing but recycled trendy garbage that's been put out in the same form with a new face every 3 years since the dawn of time.

    Never trust a man who tries to shake you hand all the time.

    If you can't get over a girl, go fuck her friend, and then her friends friend, and then her friend's friend's friend. by that time you won't care about her anymore.

    never flush in public restrooms. trust me, it'll save a lot of water, cos then no one will ever use it, and then it only gets one flush a day, when the janitor comes in to do it.

    never give the homeless money unless they are playing music.

    don't do coke unless it's fantastic.

    and lastly

    don't smoke mids.
  18. i almost forgot;

    learn french and your pussy rate will skyrocket.
  19. don't make choices that could fuck up your life. It really sucks when you realize you've screwed up like every good part of your life.

    Stay motivated. sometimes i just don't wanna do shit, and then i think about what kind of life ill have if i dont try to make it better

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