What is the meaning of this?

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  1. So I'm lighting up my morning bowl, walking to get a drink, and I see a car from my window. It's a white Ford fusion just chillin in my driveway with people inside. It looks like a man and a lady in their 30's. They backed out and then they pulled in again. They're still just sittin there...

    I'm about to go outside and see what's up hah
  2. Egg Their car just for kicks
  3. This thread is so odd.

    Op, they're probably just lost or something. lol
  4. Light up a cigar and just go stand out in front of their car staring at them, in a robe if you have one.
  5. So what did they want?
  6. Haha word I respect a thread like this. It's good to see what's up every once and a while.
  7. Newsfeedback ?
  8. They were lost haha. I asked if they needed directions and they said no, they were just trying to look for the address on their GPS. So I asked them why they pulled into my driveway and they just looked at me, like I was the one being rude..wtf?

    whatevs, they left right after that haha. I must say though, his wife was pretty hot
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    I knew it! :yay:

  10. Shoulda smashed dude
  11. For some reason when i read this i thought of OP and his friend or something doing this. :laughing:


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