What is the make up of a cloud exhaled from a distilate pen?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by kidcudder, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. I wanna know the percentages of active cannabinoids I'm generally exhaling when I blow out vape from my stiiizy, or a 510 cart. I know with combustion smoke the thc is absorbed almost immediately and its unhealthy to hold onto the inhale because of oxygen deprevation among all the other general reasons its unhealthy to have any type of smoke in your lungs, but I was wondering if vape is different. We all know vapes and dabs are generally cleaner for the lungs so I was wondering if there is less risk in holding in the hit in order to achieve a stronger high with less material? I'm just tryna get more high for my dollar and I wanna know if this is stupid or efficient you know what I mean. The general rule for smoke is that you wanna make sure it hits your lungs for atleast 2ish seconds but how many seconds should you hold in a distillate pen? Hope some experienced stoners, experts, and scientist can help me out haha. I was interested because I heard stories about people blowing smoke in their pets faces (which I don't advise) and they wouldnt get high but when they blow vape in their face it had some noticeable effect.

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