what is the lowest wattage i can use ??

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  1. well i was thinking about starting a small grow in my room for some personal smoke but i cant have a lot of lights in there so i was wondering what the lowest wattage i can use for a c f l grow ?????
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    27 watts/plant. Remember, the lower, the longer it will take, the less dense the buds, the less potent the smoke, etc. Prepare to be smoking some sub-par weed with low wattage. Not to mention the yield for each plant will be probably less than an ounce...

    But you probably already know this. I recommend using atleast 27 watts per plant.
  3. You want the lowest wattage per bulb or the least total wattage?

    Either way, the question itself is looking at the issue all wrong. You want the most light you can get away with, not the least. There is no magic number that if you are 1 watt less the plant would die but at that exact number the plant would be fine.
  4. um ok what is the lowest wattage a plant can survive on ??
  5. Like I said, there is no magic number.
  6. I feel like that 80's show name that tune, I hear the first contestant say I can do it with 45w and the return I can grow that bud in 26w. Regardless Toasty is right you are looking at it all wrong. I bet you work for the GOV with that what is the least I can do to get by attitude :) You get what you give, give it the least possible and you will get shit in return.
  7. I hear that.....Just get yourself 2-3 high watt CFLs and be done with it!!
  8. this would deffinately be the most efficient way to do it, as for the lowest wattage you can use, i grew a beatiful indica bush in a very small space for 3 months before it went outside with only 3 or 4 13w bulbs so i'd say 40 watts minimum maybe. the plant will grow much slower but it is possible to grow a non stretched, healthy plant with that low of a wattage

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