what is the function of the metal cap on top of my pipe?????

Discussion in 'General' started by teg21, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. what does taht cap with a small hole in it do on top of my metal pipe? It screws and unsrcews
  2. I'm guessing its so you can have a bowl packed and carry it places.
  3. ..less smoke and more of a vaporizer type action if you have it on when smoking...also for keeping seeds from popping everywhere...or maybe so you can get stoned and then say hey! whats this for?
  4. ok well if you smoke the bowl with the cap on it makes the weed burn slower, uh you get high because of it. And so you can pack a bowl then throw it in your pocket. I can't belive you didn't know whut a cap was for.... oh well.
  5. yeah, if youre talking about what I think your talking about then its just what overgrowray said, it restricts air flow so bowls burn slower and last longer, its also convenient for taking a bowl on the go.....But if youre not talking about what I thought you were talking about, then its just there to fuck with your head...
  6. o ok thanks guys, thats what i was thinking
  7. That little cap keeps the smoke in. just put your thumb over the hole, pass it, cough, breathe, whatevre and the smoke waits until the next hit.
  8. yeah it helps when you don't want the room to smell like smoke
  9. That is where you put a seed ,,so you can smoke it....go ahead give it a whirl....


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  10. whoa that fist fucking up that smiley is kinda crazy\


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