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What Is The Fastest, Most Effective Way To Completely Rid Of Weed Smoke Smell After Hotboxing A Car?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ManlyWongBurger, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. The interior of my car is leather and I've been hotboxing it for a few months now. My parents are constantly on me for this and I need to know the best method for getting rid of the smoke smell. I've tried Ozium, which I find more suited towards blunts and not so much joints. I mostly smoke joints in there and it smells extremely dank after every time, even after I air it out and bring out my coffee beans. Btw, I tried using the coffee bean method to dank up my car with coffee aroma, but its effectiveness is mediocre. I need something that will really do the job. I've also been thinking about spraying white vinegar on the interior.

  2. You'll never get rid of the smell completely, at least not if you're blazing joints in there.  Just too much smoke and too little space.  However, if you spray the shit out of your cabin after every session, use an air ionizer, and drive around with the windows open you might get rid of a good deal of the smell.
    The best alternative is to invest in a portable vaporizer.  Those things give off at most 1/4 of the smell of bowls or joints.  But that would probably defeat the purpose of hotboxing in the car in the first place. :)
  3. Buy an air wick for your car.  One that you put on your AC vents.  Drive around with that on and your car will smell like pine needles (or whatever).
    Sources: me and Jessica (my once smelly ass jeep)
  4. Replace the upholstery every time you smoke, lol. Could also drop a monster deuce in there on a hot day and leave it for a week.
    Honestly though, if you don't want it to smell in there, your best bet is to stop smoking in your vehicle.
  5. Don't hotbox.
  6. Roll the windows down? After about a day it just smells like that "car smell"
  7. Roll down the windows, go for a quick spin through the nearest pond, good to go.
  8. Leave 2-4 apples in your car and they will absorb the smell.
  9. Leave the A/C on when you smoke (just not circulated inside the car or it will be in your filters).
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    Crack your windows while your smoking bro. Then once your done roll dem windows down turn ac on and go for a little drive. Get some air fresheners and your problem is solved.
    My car interior is that cloth shit and this works for me. Too baked to know what to call non leather interior ahaha
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  11. Run the AC or just close all the vents.
    If it's leather, it shouldn't smell that bad.  It's probably the other upholstery that's smelling bad.  Get the febreeze shit you spray on cloth.
    And right after you hot box, open up all your windows, blast the ac, and ride around for a good 10 minutes at least.
  12. running your AC while smoking in your car is the worst idea ever. i dont know why anybody would ever suggest such a thing.
    the smoke just gets sucked into your vents and than re-circulated into your yay not only do you have a smelly car, but you have a lingering smell in your vents that is very noticeable when you turn your AC on.
    turn off your vents. keep the car windows down overnight. hopefully it will work, unless you really had some dank shit. my car has smelled for a week at a time before while transporting & storing good bud in the center compartment for a day (i didnt even smoke!!)
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    Go to your local autoshop and buy some Ozium! Its a air sanitizer! 1-2 second sprays and you leave your car with windows cracked for 15 mins and youre good! Smells sorta like lemons!
    I wait the 15 because I dont think you should be in the car with it right away.

    Edit: also if you have some sort of leather in your car then it should help not retain the smell.
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    Leave the windows down as long as possible. It's all about getting as much air as possible through the vehicle.
  15. Highway speeds and airfreshener. I have left my windows slightly cracked over night, that worked too.
  16. To get it off your clothes, take a walk ans the wind will blow the smell off. A spray of axe spray and your good. I do this method a lot

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  17. best way....go on the freeway and open up all your windows. we did this with my homies bmw. didnt smell one bit
    Not every car, my good friend has a Caddy that has carbon filtration through the ac system and it's quite amazing.
  19. lol okay, for those of you whom have a carbon filter in their car than its a different story. but for the rest of us it makes the AC smell
  20. leave a bowl of vinegar in the car for a day or two. also a box of open baking soda. serious. 

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