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What is the difference between a one hitter and a pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Juicy Jayz, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I have never smoked anything other than papers or blunts just curious to what the differences are and which one is better?
  2. One hitters are a lot smaller, mine looks just like a ciggarette and has a tiny bowl at the end.. enough for "one hit".

    A bowl is usually glass but can be metal and has a larger bowl for more buds/hits.

    Which is better? I prefer my bowl over my one hitter anyday.
  3. One hitters are sneaky and you can hide them way more easily. Pipes are bigger.
  4. one hitters are smaller usually metal but sometimes glass or another material. A pipe is bigger and meant for a longer session, or with a group or people. One hitters tend to get clogged easily too.
  5. So with a pipe/bowl you can take more than 1 hit?
  6. Yes.
    Bowl>Chillum>One hitter
    I wouldn't waste my money on a one hitter. I've got a tiny glass chillum that hits like a bowl. 8 bucks.:)
  7. One-Hitters become a bitch once your tolerance raises. Pack another..and another..and another..
  8. One hitters, as the name suggests, only has a bowl big enough to take one hit. Pipes are...pipes. Some have carbs and some don't it all depends on what you get. I would get a glass pipe with a carb so there's room for herb, portable, and it has a carb. :smoke:
  9. [​IMG]
    ^ That's a one-hitter or Chillum.
    Below is a pipe.
  10. I was wondering what to get to say if Im somewhere and I just wanna take a quick hit, and how many bowls can a gram fit in a one hitteR?
  11. Strictly bowl size.

    There are plenty of spoon shaped one hitters, it's just a spoon with a tiny bowl. There are also bat style one hitters, metal rods with the bowl on the far end instead of on top (sometimes painted to and scaled to mimic a cigarette), and then there are glass bats. I'm sure there are others that I can't think of right now.
  12. Size. One hitter is for a single hit (duh).
    Bowl is for more, can hold up to a gram ( my buddys got a "party bowl" we always break out when a lot of people are smoking).
  13. So how many bowls can you smoke off a gram on the average one hitter?
  14. @[member="Juicy Jayz"] i would say around 20 if you havent figured it out yet

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