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What IS the dark brown goo we clean from our pipes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Arborist1212, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I'm an Arboriculture student at UMASS Amherst, and I have taken a few botany classes. I've been smoking for years but have never been so interested in the physiological aspects of Cannabis sativa. I have a few brief questions.

    1. We all know what is actually commonly refered to the "bud" is actually the flower of the plant, but where on the flower are the pistols and stamens? (not just the locations, but a short description)

    2. When during the flowers transition from bud to bloom, is it harvested? If it was harvested while still in an early bud stage, I would understand why it is called bud.

    3. What is the dark brown goo that we clean from our pipes? We've all scraped out a highly viscous goop from our pipes, that looks slightly like melted dark chocolate. Is this tar from the smoke? Or vaporized sap (resin) from the plant that cools and condenses on our pipes' wall?

    I'll have some more questions posted later, and more on the way.

    TSOCS - The Science of Cannabis sativa -
  2. Well #1 & #2 you can prob get a better response in the grow section here. But #3 is the resin.
  3. To my understanding, the dark brown goop we see in our pipes is liqufied resin. It has high amounts of leftover thc, so when you smoke even a relatively small amount of it you can get a decent high. Unless you have a high tolerance. I smoked resin last night and I was high for about an hour or so.

    The other stuff, I dont know too much about the plant itself. I'm not even sure if what I said already is right or not.
  4. I;ve smokd resin before, but the resin i usually smoke is the black clay-like material that you scrape and roll into a ball, or boil the pipe. But how would you smoke the liquified resin?
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    1. The pistols sprout from the stem joints I think.

    2. I believe it is time to harvest by the way you're trichs look on the plant. A lot of people seem to harvest when they are mostly amber. Goes from clear, to a milky looking color to amber I believe.

    3. The brown goo from you're pipe is resin I think. And if you boil it out and it is 'liquidy', you probably just put it on top of some bud in a bowl and smoke it as usual. But I don't know, so don't quote me on it.

    This is all off the top of my head, I don't know if these answers are correct.
  6. #1, ever two set of hairs leads to a single pistil, and the flowers are made up of hundreds of them, thats why buds are covered in hairs, and if you see a male plant its pretty easy to see the stamen.

    #2 and its harvested at pretty much the end of its cycle, if everything went naturally the plant would swtich from veg cycle to flower,grow all the pistils, get fertalized, make a bunch of seeds, then drop the seeds
    but since we dont let them get fertalized or hopefully they dont, then they just switch to flowering cyce and grow a bunch of pistils and when everything is mature it is havested.

    #3 its resin from the combustion of the plant matter
  7. Wrong section
  8. Really? Man, I knew about resin before I knew what bong was.
  9. The way we call it "resin" would make no sense to a botanist, as actual resin from a plant is very different.
    Id call it tar, as thats what it is mainly comprised of. Its just all the combustion elements condensed, which is primarily tar. Thc probably accounts for 5% of the resin.

    Ive always assumed the red hairs are the pistills but I could be totally wrong.

    There are many books about the biology of cannabis, if youre interested go look for some, theyll answer your questions well.

  10. Exactly. When I say resin, i'm referring to what someone else would call the plant's sap. Many plants, especially conifers (cone-bearing plants such as pine, spruce ect.), naturally produce resin; More commonly known as sap. I and most people I smoke with are talking about residue when we say res or resin (we know it's incorrect to say resin, its just force of habit). If you were actually smoking Cannabis resin, this would be called Hashish.
  11. to your 1 and 2, if you take a nug out of your sack right now and start to peel off the little tear drop shaped things, those are actually tiny flower buds. During a full cycle those will open up into tons of little ass (most of the time they are a light yellow) flower.

    to your # 3, its a little of both. A lot of it is tar, however some of it is cooled, condensed sap, which is why "resin" contanians a little THC, however to the dude who said that the shit on the insider of your peice containt lots of THC, go smoke some crack, crackhead.

    little known fact about resin, some of it is actually cotton fibers/dust . Because of its sticky nature it doesnt only pick up shit out of the smoke, it also picks up shit from the air around it.:D hope this helped.
  12. actually, the resin is the crystals on the plant. thats why people describe dank plants as "resinous"... they are very crystally.

    the "resin" left over in the pipe is actually residue, but most people just call it resin. i call it resin because all my friends call it resin.
  13. Well I have my answer, Thanks Dubsack 22, exactly what I was looking for. I'd be interested in the title's of any type of book thet Lebowski mentioned.

    Next question is on a subject I experimented briefly with not too long ago after hearing about it in another thread, but looked all over and couldn't get a definitive answer.

    Sometimes when weed is dry, orange peels can be put in the bag for an hour or so to moisten the bud. I'm aware of the dangers of mold, but what i'm asking is -does this do more harm than good? And does this alter the effectivness of the weed? I've heard bits and peices about the orange peels soaking up the THC, but nothing backed with evidence or facts.

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