What is the biggest yield you've ever had?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Tokin'Tiger, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hey, I'm just curious to see the big yields that people have harvested:smoking: as I would like to try and go very big next season. I want to see how many plants is possible and how much work is involved.

    If you can, please post the approx yield, number of plants and strain. Thanks!:)

  2. I've also got huge plans for next season! I already have a few large spots cleared in the woods :D
  3. Yeah I found some awesome places as well. I can hardly wait. It's going to be quite a learning experience and hopefully it pays off!:hello::smoking: Good luck next season enorty.:)
  4. ive gotten 2lbs dry off 1 plant, it was an indica at about 4-5ft tall.
  5. Damn, that plant must have been 4 feet wide as well.
    imagine growing just 10 or 15 just like it?
    thats my plan for next year!
  6. Got 72 ounces dried and cured off of 4 ladies. White widow.
  7. :eek: That is insane! That would be so amazing to get a yield like that.:smoke: Congrats!

    And jcj77d two pounds dry off of one plant :eek::smoke::D that is incredible. I can only hope to grow plants that huge!
  8. its easy, all you gotta do is start em indoors about a month before outdoor season starts then put em out when its time!
  9. Start them early, use the biggest pots you can handle, use good organic ferts. I make my own kick-ass fert from Russian comfrey.

    Having sun all day every day in the growing season also helps a lot.
  10. Weren't you SpanishFly? If so you wrote some helpful guides.
  11. once apon a time, I found 25lbs. in a field.
    I was only 17 @ the time, so I took it.
    then I saw on the news about a week later that somebody got busted about 400' away from where I jacked the 25p's with a patch abot 10x the size.
    crazy shit eh?
  12. it was close, i think it was about 40" across, had fan leaves as big as a dinner plate
  13. sweet, Im gonna try and get somethin like that goin next year,
    if this years goes off without a hitch!
    but I want like 20 like that! badda bing, badda boom.
  14. Imagine the possibilities, if like minded people got together to set an outdoor crop up ;)
  15. I got 2lbs dried off one plant as well. Maybe an ounce short of 2 pounds.
  16. Hola my spanish friend i thought i remembered that fly are you growing this year
    or do you still have some of that white widow from last.
  17. Hah I'm growing 10-15 indica bagseeds too. I just hope they don't mold, it's still pretty humid here when indicas are nearing full maturity. I'll have to do some research on ways to discourage it.
  18. I wonder what would happen if you vegged for a month or two before out door season.. its gotta be pretty harsh, going from out side to inside..

    how close to people are your grows? i'd be wayyy to parinoid to do it anywhere for fear of being found!
  19. i started vegging plants in january. My biggest plant right now is almost 13ft tall. and that was a week and a half ago. hopefully get a couple pounds off her.
  20. ^ thats ill
    I started april 1st and have 15 5-8 ft twice fimmed beasts. 3 should yeild over a pound each. I have HxSk#1 white widow early misty by nirvana seed bank and a dank local strain. the Hxsk#1 already has huge colas and blue and red hues already

    I grew in 7 gallon pots for first 2 1/2 months then dug holes

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