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What is the big deal about Mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GeorgeW Kush, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Ever since, I started smoking, I guess you can say I have been spoiled. I've had nothing but Dank. But, yesterday my dealer told me he wouldn't have Dank for another week, but he had Mids, so I decided to pick up a big bag of it, since I was hellbent on smoking that night so later that night, me and brother were smoking it, and he was getting high, but I wasnt. I didnt like it at all. So I took the rest of the bag, drove to my dealers place (in the ghetto), got right in his face and demanded a refund. I was so pissed.

    But my question, is what is the appeal of Mids? Some people here, talk about it, like its the end all/be all of bud.

    Personally, I'm on a budget like a lot of you, but I would rather have a little bit of dank as opposed to a lot of Mids.
  2. well some people would rather have quantity over quality. To them, mids gets them just as high and they get more of it. I would have to disagree some good weed definitely is much better, gets you a much better high and you don't have to smoke as much. Also much healthier from better growing techniques and less chemicals
  3. your dealer told you before hand he had mids only and you bought it
    you went back there and got in his face, if i was him i woulda knocked u on your face
  4. Yeah pretty douchey to go back to him pissed off, you knew what you were buying.

    Having said that, smoking mids seems like a better experience than having a guy whack off in front of you.
  5. Some people like quantity>quality like someone else said. But id rather get quality>quantity any day.
  6. When I'm fresh off a T-break, mids is the best thing in the world. Cheap and gets you pretty much just as high. After a couple small bags of mids I gotta work up to dank though.
  7. #7 GeorgeW Kush, Aug 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2011
    Both pretty bad experiences if you ask me. And if you bought a laptop, knew what kind of laptop you were buying and then got it and didnt like something about it, would you not take it back?
  8. Mids are good for the minimum wage peps out there. For $20 a 8th, you can't go wrong. Hell the months I know I'll be hurting for cash I just pickup a quarter of regs a week and it lasts. Try making 2 grams of piff last that long.
  9. wow get in his face? hes gonna pinch your bags now. mids are good if your low on budget or you have a low tolerance.

  10. whats a labtop?
  11. Just so you know there are a lot of uses for mids. You can make edibles or hash if you're not pleased with the quality of the herb as it is. I personally usually opt for mids because it's just a more economical choice. Is the high as good? No. Does the high last as long? No. Does it last me longer than dank would though and still get me high? Yeah
  12. I have never even asked what kind of weed I was getting but I have never been disappointed either , I guess I am content to have access to what makes me feel better.
  13. I don't really mind because....beggars can't be choosers here, if I had a choice I wouldn't smoke crappy stuff.
  14. Fixed
  15. you sound like a bitch . Weed is weed

  16. I agree I would return the laptop, but I wouldn't go psycho on the salesperson that sold it to me.

    I would say, "sorry man, this isn't what I was looking for, can I get a refund?"
  17. Lol you returned it? After you smoked some?

    Yeah, you thought waiting a week was bad... enjoy never having weed again.
  18. I guess I missed something, this is not Walmart you can't return weed lmfao
  19. i woulda fucked your ass up if you came back bitching at me after you knew what you purchased
  20. I didn't go psycho. Heres what happened

    Me: I didnt really like the stuff you gave me, let me get my money back homie?
    Dealer: Okay *gives money back* Hit me up next week, Imma have all dank
    Me: Cool story bro.

    So yeah, it wasnt all confrontational or physical or anything.

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