What is the better option?

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  1. Hello, so I have been thoroughly searching for a portable vaporizer, but there are just so many options! So any advice you could give is helpful... I would like a portable vaporizer with good battery, good vapor quality, little draw resistance, one that gives a good high, and finally one that I could use with multiple people at once. I was looking at the Pax, Ascent, and the Firefly. I would also like one that doesn't smell much if that is possible?! Or I could just use a Smokebuddy. Any other portables that fit my description that you could tell me about is great too!

  2. No one knows?
  3. I'd go with the Ascent or the Firefly. The Pax needs to be cleaned very often and is probably the least efficient portable on the market, all with a high price tag.
    Both the Ascent and the Firefly are more sophisticated and advanced vaporizers with a similar price tag.
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    With the FireFly being more efficient being that instant heat is only applied when you're hitting it.

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