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What is the better deal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frylock117, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Ok. I just made a new connection, and obviously there is no comparison of chron to reggie.. but i can get a quarter of chron for 100 or an ounce of reggie for 60... What to do?
  2. i would go with o just because thats alotta smoke for 60 bucks
  3. I would go with the quarter probably, if the reggae is just gross like if it will just smoke like shit and taste like dirt. of t would get you high without any headaches or dirt taste than the O.
  4. Go with the 1/4 of doja. There isnt an OZ. under $200 thats worthwhile.
  5. Well I bought stress the other week and I took bong hit after bong hit it ended getting me FUCKED up.
    And I smoke medical marijuana about 5-6 times DAILY.
  6. i would say get teh quarter...cause the ounce is gonna be reallllly really baad

  7. I can't approve or dissaprove of this message either way I haven't smoked stress but 1 time and that was eons ago. Why fuck around with shit weed when you can get medical?

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